Will the iPhone mini be the next iPhone SE 4?

The new 4th Gen iPhone SE may come with the iPhone mini design.

by Francisco Fernandez on iPhone

A little less than two years ago, Apple surprised with its entire line of iPhone 12 phones. four different models for each userand undoubtedly one of the most striking, iPhone 12miniAs it is the smallest mobile phone ever released compatible with 5G networks.

Apple repeated it with the iPhone 13 mini strategy. Phones that are smaller in size but without sacrificing features or specs and are identical to the premium model, only with a smaller body and therefore slightly less battery. However, it is wondered iPhone SE doesn’t share design with them.

The 3rd Generation iPhone SE came with the same body as the 2020 model. Replicated the design of the iPhone 8. We’re talking about a phone with exaggerated bezels and a low-quality LCD screen, but it still shares the same chip as the iPhone 13. With the arrival of the iPhone 14 this year, the range is expected to disappear iPhoneminiIt can replace iPhone SE.

Can you imagine an iPhone SE with the new iPhone design?

iPhone SE and iPhone mini

iPhone mini looks much more modern than iPhone SE

Generally speaking, the dimensions of the iPhone SE and iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini are very similar. However, there are two important differences: OLED type display (not LCD) occupies the entire front and has Face ID thanks to the notch at the top. In its place, iPhone SE has great bezels It includes the start button with Touch ID or the front speaker.

we talk about more than an outdated design for today. If we look at the competition, the vast majority of firms already all screen designs Even close to 100 euros, the iPhone SE costs 5 times more and comes that way. The advantage is that it is a compact phone, but it turns out that the iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini is also.

For the same reason, It might be a good idea to use the body of the iPhone mini for Apple’s next iPhone SE. 4th generation. We are talking about much more modern designs that attract much more attention. In addition to having much higher quality OLED screens on the front and much better use of space, much better cameras They can be spoken more, or at least in the plural, than the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2022

iPhone SE (2022) design leaves a lot to be desired for some users

iPhone Xr strategy could be repeated with new iPhone SE 4

If there is one thing that is certain, it is this. Apple learns from mistakes. We’ve seen presentations recently like the new Google Pixel 6a, which is a very interesting device just because it mimics the iPhone SE concept, in this case it’s pretty superior in many ways, because Doesn’t cut the options much in large sizes.

But this is nothing new for Apple. Few years ago, Along with the iPhone Xs, we saw the arrival of the iPhone XrIt’s still a worthwhile device after all these years. It was a mobile phone that copied the design of the high-end models and it only cuts aspects like camera or screenwithout much significance to many users.

He was a big seller, but for some reason Apple rejected this strategy in favor of the iPhone SE. He’s pretty open about buying the 3rd Gen iPhone SE right now. iPhone 13 mini is a better option even an iPhone 12 mini because they are the same size but improve in many waysso Apple would have to consider a change in strategy.

iPhone XR

The iPhone Xr revolutionized Apple’s strategy that year

That wouldn’t be surprising, considering this brutal success and the fact that it’s a phone that continues to be sold today. Apple took the design of the iPhone 13 mini and adapted it to the iPhone SE in next years. It will be in line with the current values ​​of the company, integrate maximum power in a compact size.

In addition, the price reduce components such as screen or battery It shouldn’t be that high and having the best features in a small mobile is something that more and more users really appreciate.

Another option that won’t be bad at all and that many users will definitely love is this: Apple completely bailed out iPhone Xr strategy. Same size as most modern iPhone, reduction in features like screen or camera but at least in wide strokes, meet their needs the vast majority of people.

As a result, it’s unclear why Apple continued with an outdated design and decadent features in the current 3rd Gen iPhone SE, but it turns out, they need to change with the next model At least what the competition sees if you want good results. And choose basically iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 12 mini design it could be a great idea.

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