A full program of screenings of Italian and international feature films and documentaries, meetings and masterclasses from international guests and great live music will Magna Graecia Film Festival 19 from Catanzaro from July 30 to August 7. The nineteenth edition of the great event – conceived and directed by Gianvito Casadonte – was presented at a press conference in the regional Citadel together with some representatives of the institutional network that supports the festival: Ministry of Culture, Calabria Extraordinary – brand of the Region of Calabria – Ministry of Tourism, Calabria Film Commission, Municipality of Catanzaro, Lilt – Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer.

The first evening, Saturday 30 August, opens with the musical moment when the trio de The flight. Among the many personalities that will be present, also characters of the caliber of the actor Richard Gerethe director and screenwriter John Landisfrom the actress Stefania Sandrellithe director and screenwriter Marco Tullio Giordana and the director and actor Ricky Tognazzi, who will introduce the doc Ugo Tognazzi. The mad desire to live, a story about his father, honored by the festival on the centenary of his birth.

Added to these names are those of the English director, screenwriter and producer Michael Radfordauthor of Il Postino (five Oscar nominations), and American actor Jeremy Piven, interpreter of more than fifty works, including films and TV series. Also the comedian, actor, host and director Giorgio Panariellowho will be the protagonist of an evening lecture.

In addition, other major musical talents will perform at the Magna Graecia Film Fest, including: Malika Ayane And Giulia Pennan. During the evenings, special prizes are awarded with the Colonne d’Oro prizes by the master goldsmith Michele Affidato.

This is the LINK to consult the program of the event.

During the presentation press conference, Gianvito Casadonte stated:

The mission of the Magna Graecia Film Festival is to celebrate the first films and young talents that deserve the greatest attention. The big names attract audiences, not just fans, who want to share moments of high-level entertainment with completely free entry. I am proud and happy that this little miracle in Catanzaro has been achieved and I hope that the growth path can continue.

The Regional Councilor for Tourism, Fausto Orsomarso, recalled the Calabria Extraordinary brand within which the Catanzaro Festival is also positioned:

An event that has now become a tradition for the capital and the marketing of the area. An initiative that shows great liveliness, created by extraordinary Calabrians who work every day to improve the reputation of our region. A quality work that we want to support by striving to strengthen and improve the way of welcoming and receptiveness.

The Deputy Mayor of Catanzaro, Giusy Iemma, underlined:

The opportunity presented by the festival in terms of comparison and aggregation, in the post-pandemic recovery, through institutional collaboration useful to ensure a setback and positive narrative for the area.

Finally, the Capital’s Councilor for Culture, Donatella Monteverdi, noted:

The contribution of MGFF in promoting the name and role of Catanzaro in national and international circuits, hoping to involve the new generations in cultural policy strategies.

On the sidelines of the press conference, the extraordinary commissioner of the Calabria Film Commission, Anton Giulio Grande, said:

The Magna Grecia Film Festival is an important moment for Calabria and for the entire Italian film system. In fact, the work of Artistic Director Gianvito Casadonte confirms the strategic relevance of the event for our region. I have always appreciated the festival, in its artistic and glamorous declination, also confirmed in this edition. The presence of Italian and international stars shows that serious work in the field has positive effects and guarantees a showcase for cinema.

Also the artist Antonio Affidato, who together with his father created the Golden Columns of the Festival, and the National Vice President of Lilt, Concetta Stanizzi, with whom an awareness campaign on prevention of oncological diseases will be carried out. .

Among the festival’s partnerships, also those with the AMC – Catanzaro City Mobility Company – which allow guests to move around the city by funicular and sea train. Public access to the Arena sul Porto will be free again every night this year with no reservation required, the use of masks is recommended. You only need to reserve your seat for the masterclasses, by sending an email to [email protected].

Source: Lega Nerd

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