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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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The Best Online Communities for You If You’re an Introvert

The Best Online Communities for You If You’re an Introvert


The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Being able to access information from virtually anywhere in the world is something that was completely unthinkable just a few decades ago. But this universal freedom means not only the ability to always be in touch..

In recent years, the growth of online communities has begun in an amazing way, in fact, We currently have social networks in which people collect millions of followers.. But we also find various forums whose activities are almost analogous to web pages.

Both elements have a common point and this is a union on the topic, there are also online communities for introverts. And that’s what being an introvert does not interfere with the desire to exchange opinions, participate in debates and above all, have a network of people you can consider friends.


The Best Online Communities for You If You're an Introvert

This first community is designed so that introverted people can communicate with each other, since, logically, they will have more points of contact and topics to talk about than with other types of personalities. The good thing about this community is that it has users from all over the world..

With a large number of users, the specific number is 190.00, lor is it true that it will be easier to find a group or groups of people with whom you will be comfortable in sharing experiences, feelings and hobbies. In addition, it is a community with groups organized by topic. Direct link to community.


No, we are not talking about the entire Reddit platform. In fact, we should clarify that we are referring specifically to the subreddit dedicated to introverts. The name is r/introverts, and in this community you can find various publications made by thousands of introverts.

There are currently over 300,000 people in the community who post or read content daily.. The interesting thing is that anyone can comment on a question, comment or express an opinion. This is usually a community that posts personal experiences and asks for advice on how to deal with difficult situations.


This job search social network also has a dedicated section for introverts. The truth is that it continues to function as a place to look for work, but in this way any introvert can filter by the type of work environment they want to have.

Also, the most interesting thing is that many of these people who are in these spaces share their experiences with other people in order to offer a much broader vision of reality. This is a good way to find out what kind of work environment is inside and stop being afraid if there is a job opportunity..


The Best Online Communities for You If You're an Introvert

Is community designed to offer help to all people who are introverts and want to improve the way they interact with other people. The way you get started on this platform is through the use of various documents. where the basic concepts are explained.

Concepts are, for example, how to start a conversation, how to interact when a person passes out, and so on. Actually, there is even a special section that gives advice on how to treat other people if there is a romantic interest in them.

Introvert dear

This may be one of the largest communities dedicated to introverts. What we find in it is basically a microblogging network in which hundreds and thousands of people post their various experiences, these can be both pleasant situations and others that are quite difficult or unpleasant.

The truth is that the purpose of this social network is to create a safe space for a large number of introverts. On a general level, the operation is simple, you just need to access a web page and start reading what other users have posted. Of course, you can also make a post if that’s what you want..

The Silent Book Club

The Best Online Communities for You If You're an Introvert

If you like to read, this is your club. The way the Silent Book Club works is quite interesting and has nothing to do with the book clubs that many people are used to. In this silent reading club, you can read the book you want without having to comment at the end of the reading..

The lack of a common book does not give rise to the need for overload due to the need to comply with the number of chapters per week. or, for example, the need to explain certain passages as you read. All you have to do is read for two hours in silence and at the end you can choose whether or not to speak with the rest of the participants.

Diary of an Introvert

The website is geared towards keeping introverts happy with their personality, it is not intended to make them jump in and become extroverts. Actually in this community users talk about their positive experiences and how good it is to be an introvert.

Of course, there are also publications that give advice on how to survive in difficult situations or situations beyond the control of introverts. The truth is that the content created is quite interesting. for any person who is an introvert and who, logically, is proud of it.

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