Ethan Hawke he was one of the protagonists of Moon Knight, a TV series in which the interpreter played alongside Oscar Isaac. Recently, during an interview with IndieWire, Ethan Hawke herself spoke about the controversy about: Marvel Studios triggered by great directors like Martin Scorsese, declaring that these productions are “friends of the actors, but not of the directors”.

Below are Ethan Hawke’s statements:

We’d need someone to say it’s not about Fanny and Alexander (a film by Ingmar Bergman ed.). If you were to rate these movies, mostly made for 14-year-olds, as Fanny and Alexander or as Winter Lights, who the hell could make Winter Lights? I liked that senior directors reminded people not to set the bar too low. And I know it’s something that triggers people’s engagement, as well as certain positions. I can say that at Marvel they are very friendly to the actors, and they may not be friendly to the directors, which is why Coppola and Scorsese were talking. But at Marvel, they love actors.

These are statements that are sure to spark debate, perhaps appealing to Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola.

Source: Lega Nerd

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