PS5 Standard edition is back for sale tomorrow, Wednesday, on the official Gamestop website July 20, 2022, as always bundled with other products. The consoles are for sale on the site from from 4 p.m. Here are the details on how to buy it.

As always, the console availability will be communicated when the PS5 is actually available for purchase during a live broadcast on the GameStop Italia Official Twitch Channel, which starts at the same time. Since the consoles will be available in limited quantities, we recommend that you log in on time to follow life, so you are ready to place your order as soon as availability is announced.

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The Standard Edition PS5 will be available as usual in bundle with other products. At the moment no details have been revealed about the contents of the bundle, but it is likely that as always it will include headphones, some games and other accessories. All for a price of around 650 euros.

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