namor, a traditional villain with over eighty years of antiquity in the world of Marvel comics, is finally coming to the big screen. The character was a big surprise among the emotional images of the first trailer. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Namor, who for five years was rumored to be the nemesis of the future and an as yet unknown Black Panther, was part of the offensive. As a Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta, the imposing figure showed that Marvel wants to delve into the Atlantean mythology. But doing it in a new way that suggests the character is more than just an enemy to be feared. It is also likely the second mutant in the House of Ideas movie universe after the television version of Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel).

The Marvel panel at Comic-Con 2022 rocked the world of pop culture. He not only showed the studio’s long-term plans and all the new projects on the horizon. Also and almost unexpectedly, he showed the first trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverthe long-awaited continuation of the hit of 2018.

This is a pivotal film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to being the closure of the irregular fourth phase of the saga, this will also be the formal introduction of several relevant characters in the future. And all this against the backdrop of a heartfelt, elegant and brilliant tribute to Chadwick Boseman from director Ryan Coogler.

A combination of factors makes Namor a very important character. Not only because, despite being a traditional character in the world of Marvel comics, he will have a version for the first time. live action. At the same time, it is a reconstruction of the context that surrounds him and which can have a decisive influence on the fifth and sixth phases. Eventually, mutants start off quietly but slowly become part of the Marvel scene. So every element that surrounds Namor is a look at how the characters will be interpreted in the future. And in particular, in the middle of a scenario of great importance, such as the Marvel Tech Capital, such as Wakanda.

Namor: the cruel prince of the oceans

Tenoch Huerta will play Namor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Tenoch Huerta will play Namor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

namor debuted in 1939, created by writer-artist Bill Everett for Funnies Inc. But the path of the character to the pages of comics was long and thorny. Prior to joining Marvel’s Timely Comics, Namor made cameo appearances in jokes incl. (1931) Engine Comics (1932) Travel stories (1933) Funny stories (1934) and Comfort Books (1935).

None of them were relevant enough to impress or get a unique series. However, once at Marvel, his role, story, and context became more complex and interesting.

Namor has gone from being a minor and almost anecdotal figure in maritime adventures to being king of Atlantis and ruler of the oceans. In Marvel mythology, he is the son of Fen, princess of Atlantis, and Leonard Mackenzie, a human captain. The latter was also an explorer sent by Woodrow Wilson to Antarctica. It was common at the time to use real characters in larger comic book plots. So Mackenzie began a journey to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Sir Ernest Shackleton, sent by Winston Churchill in search of vibranium. In the middle of the adventure, the captain met Feng and married her.

But the climax of the story came when Emperor Takorr, the princess’s father and ruler of Atlantis, went in search of her. Mackenzie was killed, and Fen returned to the domain of the sea. From the union will be born Namor, a creature with pink skin (as opposed to the blue skin of the Atlanteans), who in time will become the leader of people. In addition, the strange antagonist with an ambiguous personality has significant powers, as well as various abilities resulting from the mixing of principles in his nature.

Namor in Marvel Comics
Namor in Marvel Comics

The strange story of an exceptional character

Interestingly, Namor’s forces are strikingly similar to those Aquamanalthough the DC character first appeared three years later. In general, they both have the ability to speak, control, and manipulate sea creatures. “I have the powers of all creatures that live underwater! I can charge the air with electricity using the power of an electric eel!” specific Namor’s Fantastic Four #9 since 1962.

In addition, he rules over sea currents and other underwater phenomena. Namor can breathe underwater, swim very fast, and manipulate water with telekinetic abilities. On land, he can run at high speed and even fly. On top of that, he is a brilliant strategist and one of the most dangerous creatures Wakanda can face. Moreover, Marvel Atlantis has the same powers and capabilities as a fictional African city. So, in addition to the two poles of power, they could also be rivals in many respects and senses.

Of course, with over eighty years of history, Namor was both a hero and a villain. Even with such tragic twists as the death of Atlantis as a result of a nuclear test, which made the hero an enemy of the human race. In the history of the comic, the ones responsible for stopping the character’s revenge were the superhero family. fantastic Four. He would later team up with Magneto in his fight for supremacy.

Namor, Wakanda and Generation X

For purposes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe namor D T’Challa there has been a significant rivalry in comics for decades that could be reflected in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. According to some of the biggest stories in comics, he managed to conquer Wakanda by causing a tsunami.

The feud between the two characters is so direct and vehement that, in fact, it has become deadly. The iconic “every breath is a mercy” line that T’Challa says to Ulysses Klaw in Black Panther, is actually a phrase from a comic book. And the one that the king of Wakanda calls out at a particularly tense moment in Namor.

However, one of Namor’s biggest attractions is that he will be the second mutant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After exposure mrs marvel, indicating that Kamala Khan, Namor will be part of a growing group of characters. In the case of the latter, his mutation would be associated with a genetic mixture of human and Atlantean DNA. What puts the future villain Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at a point of special interest for the future of Marvel.

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