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Batgirl, the scary $70 million Warner movie that won’t be released


There is no hope, Batgirl will never be released and this is a complicated move for Warner Bros. Choosing to never show a movie is not a decision taken lightly, and in fact the reasons behind it are weighty for a company to decide not to redeem its investment.

What happened? It surprised both us and our colleagues at Hobby Consoles who were repeating the news. be such a complicated situation We will try to shape all the pieces to fit together and form a perfect puzzle..

The first piece to be fitted is the company behind this production, which costs between $70 and $100 million., a figure placing it as a major production within the audio-visual sector. Warner Bros. is the wallet behind this movie about a female superhero, so to speak.


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We continue with the second track, which is the type of premiere that Batgirl would have had if released. What has been discussed so far, The tape was always destined to inflate the extensive catalog HBO Max had. Movies, TV shows and short films from the DC comics universe.

The third piece is the most complex to fit, this is Warner Bros. is a change in direction.. This comeback caused the guidelines followed a few years ago to change course, with the roadmap establishing a boost for HBO Max with DC movies now signaling that it should be released in theaters first.

Transition didn’t sit well with Batgirl, and it’s what condemned this movie to an endless purgatory from which it could never come out.. And it takes a new investment of between $30 and $50 million to get it to theaters. Warner Bros. does not want to bear this expense as it will exceed the production costs of the film.

We already know the result, and now all the pieces have come together, Batgirl has been a prisoner of an industry dominated by her time and, logically, money.. All that’s left now is to wait for it to be forgotten, or at some point, they consider an option that implies showing it to the general public as good.

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