Series Dragon House will premiere in hbo max show a completely new facet of the universe imaginary George R. R. Martin. In particular, anything to do with the strange and turbulent history of House Targaryen. Famous rulers who own the realm of dragon fire will now be at the center of the story. spin off from Game of Thrones raises significant expectations for several reasons. This is an important move due to the questionable results of the series it comes from.

Such a disappointing ending Game of Thrones this is the challenge that Dragon House must overcome. Advertised as rushed, incomplete, incoherent and misguided, the eighth season of the HBO Max series has puzzled viewers. Therefore, the great concern of most followers of Martin’s work is centered on a few points. Can Dragon House overcome the success of one of the most influential programs of the last decade? Secondly, Will it have enough quality to support the world created by HBO Max and become a memorable project?

Despite criticism of the closure Game of Thrones, the film adaptation of Martin’s novels has become a unique phenomenon. Just like note before and after in the most recent epic fantasy productions. The series, created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, redefined the idea of ​​the extraordinary in television fiction. He also introduced the genre to an adult audience and included a mature discourse that amazed and captivated the audience.

Game of Thronesindisputable phenomenon

Bad results at the end of the series still have a long tail. Imitations, reinventions and connotations for the weight of the plot Game of Thrones they are obvious. Therefore, the question of the future is inevitable. spin off, Dragon House. Can the work of Ryan Kondal and director Miguel Sapochnik successfully adapt the complex universe of GRR Martin? This might seem like an obvious question were it not for the fact that the production lost tone and rhythm until it was almost unrecognizable.

But really, dragon house has an advantage over the previous series. Contrary to Game of Thrones, the new HBO Max series is based on the finished story in its literary version. In fact, the storytelling that will be adapted for TV is largely taken from the book. fire and blood published November 20, 2018. This is a strength that allows the new production to be based on a solid argument with powerful development. And, at the same time, that it has the possibility of concluding under the parameters of what the writer imagined.

Long history of misunderstandings


On April 12, 2015, the fifth season of the series premiered on HBO. Game of Thrones. The new chapters were to adapt the fourth and fifth books of the GRR Martin saga. Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons. But the producers insisted on making their own interpretation, which the writer publicly supported.

After that, the television version was separated from the book. As much as separating yourself from any resemblance to the original story when the film adaptation surpassed the literary one. It was a curious phenomenon that had all sorts of consequences.

In its early seasons, the series was praised for its powerful dialogue, flawless storylines, and proper use of pacing. But the following seasons, which depended solely on the skill of the authors of the saga for their storytelling, inconsistencies began to appear.

The world of Westeros is crumbling

for the last season Game of Thrones, the show’s inability to draw on its own mythology confused and discouraged audiences. The series became a kind of rushed tour of a larger area that it couldn’t cover. Most of the followers blamed the unfortunate final segment of the story on the inability of the writers to imitate the original work.

Could this phenomenon happen again? Dragon House? Actually, HBO Max series gets Martin’s approval who seems to have learned a hard lesson. Moreover, one that forced him to directly participate in the production at a higher level of participation. A serious task supported by a literary work of considerable caliber.

Dragon power and blood Dragon House

dragon house

book history fire and blood has been considered a solid addition to a universe set in Westeros since its publication. Gr. R. Martin, with a consistent perception of the scale of his narratives, creates in the novel a completely new angle of view on his universe. In particular, about power relations, hatred, hope and the concept of fate. Dragon House walks away from the saga Game of Thrones in his ability to describe in detail the struggle for power, covering a whole chain of events. With the intrigues of the Targaryens in the background, the book is much more compact than the saga it came from.

The novel brings back the splendor of early Westeros stories. Moreover, it adds a powerful element to the notion that the continent and its characters exist as more than mere historical accidents. A story set 300 years before the events told in Song of Ice and Firemuch more subtle. As a main axis, it tells the intricate family and political history of the Targaryen kings. But in addition, he reflects on the consequences that the vicissitudes of the old dynasty have for the future world where it occurs.

Divided into two books, the story of the life of the Targaryens shows the maturity of Gr. R. R. Martin as a storyteller. But also the fact that in this case his narrative has some obvious directional meaning. This caveat may benefit the series by allowing it to move forward through more or less straight terrain, describing a fuller vision. From the history of Aegon the Conqueror to Aegeon III, King of the Seven Kingdoms between 131 and 157 according to the chronology of G. R. R. Martin. This is an ambitious story that the writer carefully analyzes.

The purest and cruelest magic in Westeros

Dragon House integrates dragons as a vital center of the narrative. From his flight over castles and conquered lands to fighting on the back of a huge pets of two brothers in the family. The presence of Westeros mythology is more impressive than ever. There is a real interest in the writer to renew and revive the deepest understanding of arcane magic, as well as its special influence on everything connected with power.

The book benefits from being a supposed historical chronicle. The story of the Targaryen kings is methodical, precise, and punctual. In addition, the perception of drama and the real tension surrounding the event is achieved by small but powerful spectacular impacts.

All the elements that could skillfully support such a plot on the screen. As an added bonus, the Targaryen dynasty is a clever and ingenious way to understand the sociology and even anthropology of the Seven Kingdoms from their inception. In minute detail, Martin reflects on the historical and cultural tensions of the universe and takes its depth to a new level.

To dragon house this will probably be the best work in the GRR Martin universe. Also in the series there are ample opportunities to surpass its predecessor. A real feat that will probably become the main TV event of the year.

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