Since yesterday, August 5, the TV series is available on the Netflix streaming platform the sandmanand the “fresh” certificate from Rotten tomatoes who approves the show. This is an endorsement that comes from both the public (which reserved 88% of the positive reviews) and critics (who had 85%).

The overall verdict of the TV series is as follows:

While there are some surprises for fans compared to the source material, The Sandman manages to satisfactorily transpose a supposedly unrepresentative classic.

Critics of Rotten Tomatoes include Liz Shannon Miller of Consequence, who wrote:

This Netflix adaptation is astonishingly successful in bringing The Sandman to the screen. This will always be a strange story.

Also positive was the opinion of David Sims of The Atlantic, who noted:

This show knows how to entertain in a strong way, and it acts as an introduction to Neil Gaiman’s writing style.

While Karama Horne of The Wrap reported:

The Sandman is a fascinating horror thriller series that has the potential to become big.

Among the negative judgments, we point to that of Nick Schager of The Daily Beast, who focused on Tom Sturridge’s character and stated that “it’s embarrassing that he is so monotonous”. Finally, we quote the words of Ben Travers of indieWire who commented:

There are curious cast members and creative concepts that are surprising enough to fascinate, but they lack the heart and mind, and so it becomes forgettable.

Source: Lega Nerd

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