Predator: Prey This is a summer premiere. Announced a few months ago, unexpectedly and without release in cinemas, the new part of the Predator is an absolute success with critics and viewers. Now we also know that this is the biggest streaming premiere in Hulu history. including all series and movies released on the platform.

It was also Star+’s biggest success in Latin America and the biggest Disney+ launch in the Star+ catalog in countries where both services are integrated, as in the case of Spain. Definitely noteworthy data, given the release dates in many countries, possibly the months with the lowest streaming consumption in regions where it is summer.

20th Century Studios, the film’s producer and part of the Disney conglomerate, has confirmed how Predator: Prey became the largest streaming premiere, counting number of views in the first 3 days premiere, which took place on August 5, remaining the leader throughout the weekend.

Prey is now available on Disney+ and Star+

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Predator: Prey is without a doubt a great movie that you should see.

It was via Twitter how the study wanted to confirm the film’s success, confirmed that Predator: Prey was Top 1 in all regions in which it aired under the Hulu and Star+ banners, including, logically, Disney+. However, it is unknown if it also surpassed the Disney+ originals such as The Mandalorianwhich at the time of the premiere was the most viewed on the platform:

If you haven’t seen it yet Predator: Prey It’s available on Star+ if you live in Latin America, or on Disney+ if you live in Spain. In regions where Hulu is available, the movie can be viewed through Hulu.

Unlike the rest of Predator, it takes place 300 years ago on the Comanche Nation, and occurs in the Great Plains of North America. Follow the story of Naru, a fierce and highly skilled young warrior who grew up in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters to roam the Great Plains. To prove that she can also be a great huntress, she faces the greatest predator on earth. One who is not from Earth.

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