Sex in the television version of George R.R. Martin’s world is often the subject of controversy. This is probably why Matt Smith, who will play Damon Targaryen in dragon houseprequel to Game of Thrones, be worried. As much as to state your point of view on these types of scenes in a future production and how they will affect the argument as a whole. In statements to rolling stonethe actor explained that erotic scenes would feature prominently in the production.

“You ask: “Do we need another sex scene?” And they say: “Yes, we need it.” I think you should be asking yourself, “What are you doing? Do you represent books or dilute them to represent time? [en el que vivimos?]“This is a difficult question that is raised not for the first time in relation to productions hbo max connected to Martin’s universe.

In fact, for eight seasons Game of Thrones This has been the subject of controversy and criticism. In particular, due to the fact that the scenes of nudity, rape and semi-explicit sex were used to support script rotations. In other cases, to accelerate the psychological and moral growth of their characters. disputes that dragon house seems to have inherited. In particular, when some publications, including Entertainment Weeklyshowed that, starting from the first series, sex scenes occupy an important place in the plot.

dragon house in the middle of an awkward argument

In the midst of public debate showrunner Miguel Sapochnik expressed his point of view on the production approach. He didn’t deny that there are quite a few sex scenes and a few outright violent ones, but he made it clear that the handling would be careful. dragon house. In an interview Hollywood Reporter He explained that their interpretation would change completely. In fact, he pointed out that sexual violence should be treated with a clear understanding of its importance.

Sapochnik is no stranger to the inconvenience caused by the use of a plot device in Game of Thrones. As much as leading to discussions that analyzed the phenomenon and its harmful effects on modern consciousness. For him showrunner and screenwriter, a distinctive element in dragon house it is the context surrounding the scenes. “[Nosotros] we are not afraid. In any case, we are going to shed some light on this aspect. The violence that men committed against women at that time cannot be ignored. It should not be downplayed and should not be praised,” he explains.

Dragon House

On the other hand, producer Sarah Hess also defended some of the show’s dramatic choices. In an extensive interview with Vanity FairThe board explained that the lessons were left behind Game of Thrones are of particular importance in spin off. “We don’t depict sexual violence on the show. We handle the instance off screen. Instead, we show the consequences and impact on the victim and the perpetrator’s mother. What the series does and I’m proud of is that we chose to focus on the violence against women inherent in the patriarchal system,” she analyzes.

sexual violence in dragon house

But worries all around Dragon Housen is much more complex than the possible scenes of sexual violence in his plot. At the same time, we are talking about the fact that the center of the plot is the confrontation between the two factions of the Targaryen house. And the conflict will occur due to the fact that the heir to the throne is a woman. A solution that shares the royal house and works like important plot point. In fact, one of the promotional scenes includes the blunt line, “Men would rather burn down the Kingdom than rule over a woman.”

game of thrones episodes house of the dragon targaryen hbo max
Game of Thrones

The female role and sexual violence in Martin’s world is difficult to analyze. While it has been argued many times that the argument endowed its queens, princesses, and warriors with power, the end result is more confusing. The formula used by the writers often included violence—sexual and otherwise—to give the characters a new dimension. And while even Martin insisted that brutality and brutality in rampant Westeros was genderless, it seemed to be worse against women.

Heavy point for the memory of the world Game of Thrones

For the entertainment world’s unpleasant memories, there’s the rape of Sansa Stark’s character (Sophie Turner), who was attacked on her wedding night by Ramsay Bolton (Ivan Rheon). The scene, which ignored the victim and focused on a terrified Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen), sparked outcry.

However, Bryan Cogman, one of the scene writers, insisted that understand the cruel world of argument. “We made a decision not to shy away from what really could have happened on that wedding night with these two characters. And the reality of the situation in this particular world.”

For eight seasons, Martin also defended the show’s writers and insisted that his book was set in the Middle Ages. A time when sexist violence was part of the general idea of ​​a value struggle. dragon house seems to continue the same premise. And, more disturbingly, how to interpret sexual abuse in a historical context.

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