doPredator: Prey is this a feminist movie? This is not a simple question, but one that has become the focus of debate since its successful premiere on Disney+. But very high-profile accusations that the film is using the mythology surrounding the franchise to support a story about female empowerment.

As if that wasn’t enough, they insist that the premise based on a confrontation between a Comanche hunter and one of the Predators is not credible. After all, this is a teenager with no formal education; who achieves the feat of defeating a creature that specializes in murder. One that doubles her size, surpasses her in skills, and has the most advanced weapons.

Thus, the question of the film’s supposed feminist component involves much more than the relevance of its central character. In addition, this calls into question the solidity of the plot and indicates that it can be interpreted as the manipulation of elements with a certain connotation. This is what happens in Predator: Prey? Does it help popularize powerful women in cinema?

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Predator: Preydifficult moment in constant discussion

The discussion points to how director Dan Trachtenberg analyzed the meaning of strength and power. An element that has been repeated throughout the saga predator and this reaches a very high point in the new film. Ever since John McTiernan’s 1987 action classic had his being ruthless, precise, and invincible, the message has been clear. Dutch Arnold Schwarzeneggerfor all his military training in tow, physical strength and weapons, could not defeat the alien. It was after his team was wiped out that he decided that his only chance of winning was through cunning.

Predator: Prey

What’s more, the script makes it clear that the alien hunter is an enemy that transcends any traditional attempts to defeat him. Neither shots, nor punches, nor slashes, nor frontal attacks, nor hand-to-hand combat reduce it. So Dutch uses his instincts and deduces that the battle will take place in strategic intelligence and analyze the behavior of the yautja. A caveat that gives it a strange and recognizable identity predator.

A new vision on an old topic

The same situation occurs throughout the saga, the most obvious elements of which are based on the demonstration that the Predator is rather an inexplicable creature. The Yautja come from a culture where war and hunting is everything. This includes a set of rites, customs, and even traditions associated with quick and efficient killing. So any of your opponents you will have to give up brute force to bring it down. At the same time, to the use of any weapon or even strategic means of defense of a military order.

Predator: Prey

The Predator is above that. It is curious that in every film of the saga predator, characters theoretically best prepared for confrontation die first. And that, oftentimes, survivors resort to all sorts of tricks, traps and tricks to win. In a large part of the stories, murder or death becomes not an armed conflict and not a way to measure forces. It’s a way to show that the art of combat — or at least as the Predator understands it — involves a subtle intellect.

Political commentary Predator: Prey

Naru (Amber Midthunder), protagonist Predator: Prey fits perfectly into this tradition of characters. Regardless of her gender, she is, like every other representative figure in the franchise, strong, quick-witted, and a natural survivor. He is a member a Comanche tribe trained to hunt during his lifetime and who watches the yautja as an adversary to be feared.

Indeed, as the most prominent faces of mythology in predator, he faces the creature as best he can. On the one hand, through the analysis of their behavior. Then, figure out how to use her minimal advantage as a native of the battlefield and surpass it.

Does that make the plot a feminist film? Or a way to artificially strengthen Naru? The survivor is actually played by Amber Midthunder. belongs to a long list of cinematic women, whose route is being identified. Like many others, he appears to be physically weak until he has to use his reserves of strength and will to win. A traditional trope in science fiction and horror.

Naru joins a growing group of powerful women who have been in films for decades.

Predator: Prey

The character of Sarah Connor has been a milestone since her introduction in the first film in the franchise. Terminatorreleased in 1984. The woman invented by James Cameron is not just a survivor. It is also the central element of the film. The mother of the future leader in the midst of the coming apocalypse.

Connor does not have much ability or knowledge of military tactics. The script shows her as anonymous, so much so that her name appears at least a dozen times in the phone book. A plot trick that makes it clear that the woman about to face the dangerous creature could be anyone.

In addition, for the director, the role of Connor was of particular interest. Despite the fact that most of the argument he runs away from Terminator sent to kill her, she was not a victim. In the end, it is he who manages to defeat him. A trembling, dazed and confused woman who was destined to be saved manages to fight for her life and succeeds.

Sarah Connor was not the first woman to become an accidental science fiction heroine of the last decades of the 20th century. In 1980 Sigourney WeaveR played lieutenant Ellen Ripley, the sole survivor of the attack on the Nostromo. And the only one who defeated a formidable creature that became an important milestone in cinema. AlienRidley Scott, It was one of the first films empower their female characters. In addition, to give them a purpose and a type of meaning that made their battle with the monster, in turn, something completely new.


Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) didn’t seem like the perfect candidate to survive Michael Myers’ attack on halloween John Carpenter. But the director knew how to build a completely new sentence that turned the character into a different heroine. In addition, he is determined enough to take on a man twice his size. A masked assassin who killed everyone he knew before reaching her. Eventually, Laurie was able to defeat him with resistance. Background for future powerful challenges final girls horror films.

In the Predator franchise, we also have quite a few powerful women who knew how to counter aliens and survive. Anna Gonçalves (Elpidia Carrillo), Leonela Cantrell (Maria Conchita Alonso), Isabelle (Alicia Braga) in Predators, Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan) in alien vs. Predator and even Machiko Noguchi, a comic book character from Aliens vs. Predator:Warare the best examples.

So, Naru Predator: Preyin all its incredible will, not a new figure in sci-fi cinema. Its relevance is also not related to political movements or the artificial visibility of its role in history. Like many other powerful women in cinema, Yautya’s new rival has a purpose. And it’s as simple as the one that animated Hamilton’s Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley: Survive Weaver. Something that is clear in most of the movie.

If your first complaint is Predator: Prey it’s the inclusion of a strong female character capable of defeating a predator, and that’s noisy, you’re the problem. You must be a little sexist.

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