From the brand new Marvel Studios animated series just released on Disney+, I am tallwe present the official debut spot on the streaming platform and the first official clip, in which our little space friend fights in a bizarre dance challenge … with a unique doppelganger.

Speaking of Groot’s character, director James Gunn said some time ago:

Big personality was something that was already written in black and white above the pages of the script, but we forgot about that when the first movie was made. But now everyone knows Groot to such a degree that they are more aware of it, even on our part as we shoot the scenes, and we realize that Baby Groot is always there. I think he’s a really well-written character, especially compared to the first Groot. Not that it was poorly written before, but now it’s definitely more complete.

The five-episode miniseries canonically set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Groot, as always, is voiced by Vin Diesel.

Source: Lega Nerd

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