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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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What movie to watch on HBO Max, Netflix and Prime Video this weekend: Third of 365 days, Polanski and a teen drama

What movie to watch on HBO Max, Netflix and Prime Video this weekend: Third of 365 days, Polanski and a teen drama


One of the big questions at the entertainment level for the weekends is: What premieres are on Netflix? And on HBO? What to see at Disney+ Don’t worry, you are in the right place and you will find all the answers.

That’s why we come 3 recommendations from Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video for you to have fun with good cinema.

Today we present you the third part of one of the worst movies ever considered, but it continues to attract a large audience and, as you can see, it is already in its third. On the other hand, we leave you with a new teen drama with a Roman Polanski and a Hero Fiennes Tiffin.

365 More Days (2022), Netflix

365 more days

Even though it is considered a bad and cheap copy of “50 Shades of Grey” and this is not a cinematic masterpiece, Netflix is ​​already bringing us the third part of it. trilogy that seems to glue everyone to the screen.

We want to believe it’s because of the morbidity of seeing all of his scenes once again, and those laugh scripts that provoked these huge audiences.

Well, in this case, the relationship between the two is increasingly strained and they try to solve their problems, but the figure of Nacho that appears in the second movie will always be there to try and break everything.

As we already predicted, It premieres on Netflix today.

The Officer and the Spy (2019), HBO Max

officer and spy

This wonderful film by Roman Polanski will take us back to 1894, played by the young French captain. Alfred Dreyfus was demoted for spying for Germany and wrongfully convicted of treason.Logically because it was then, it would lead to a life sentence on Devil’s Island.

On the other hand, there is Georges Picquart, who witnessed everything that happened and was promoted to head of the military counterintelligence unit that captured Dreyfus. However, he will discover that secrets are still being given to the Germans and that something strange is going on.

It premieres on HBO Max today.

Amazon Prime Video

First Love (2022), Prime Video

first love

We always come back to one of the movies that triumphed on the platform, and even more so with Hero Fiennes Tiffin in the lead role. In this case we’ll find a teenage story similar to what we already know.

Here our hero will play Jim, a high school teenager who meets Ann and they fall in love with each other.. The rest of the movie can already be predicted: heartbreak, teen dramas, problems with parents, and other issues with the arrival of maturity and responsibilities.

Premieres On Prime Video on August 20.

Source: Computer Hoy

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