Alma (Mireya Oriol) lost her memory, personality and friends on the same day. A tragic accident took everything from him in a stormy wave. He has also come into contact with something that he cannot fully name, see, or understand. But it haunts her and shrouds her in an increasingly suffocating shadow.

You must also overcome in order to reach a deeper and more important moment in your life. A dense journey that will get more sinister once you understand the basics. The memories she forgot are also a reflection of the woman she was, who is now a ghost in her mind. A terrifying premise that links perceptions of identity and fear to more confusing layers.

Series Soul, the new Spanish horror film on Netflix, analyzes the mystery from the periphery. He never fully reveals what his argument hides. In doing so, he creates the feeling that what he is telling is in the midst of hinting darkness. The trick allows what seems like an obvious premise – a tragic character in search of his identity – to grow into something more. Even better, the version of horror he shows takes on a personality and elaborate design of its symbols.

Debut in the world streaming acclaimed screenwriter Sergio G. Sanchez is neat and smart, and the influence of his best-known works is well known. There’s a lot Shelter D The Secret of the Bone Marrow in this hidden production that carefully guards every facet of its mysteries. There is nothing accidental in this display of metaphors about existence and sorrow, turned into a blurry representation of darkness.

It’s not easy to have a dialogue with the macabre and what can be considered in an era overloaded with genre variations. And, perhaps, one of the advantages Soul, is to add the concept of a disturber based on the slow exploration of a person. In the series, the supernatural doesn’t just come from the idea of ​​the inexplicable.

In addition, this is a reflection of the phenomena of memory and the invisible connection that she can establish between her characters. It’s a risk in the area of ​​the script, which runs smoothly and allows the series to avoid platitudes.

house of secrets Soul

Many stories that involve fragments of lost memory tend to fall into inevitable confusion when setting out their premise. Especially if they become the driving force behind the mysterious story in the background. In the middle of a combination of pieces, they fail due to exceeding. On the other hand, Soul manages to create a deep understanding of loss, pain, as well as the supernatural inherent in man.

In fact, his most compelling plot trick is to analyze the protagonist as a person in the middle of a forest of shadows. Who are we without memory? Alma doesn’t know and, much more disturbingly, she doesn’t fully understand the world around her. When his surviving parents and friends become strangers, the character moves forward blindly. He does so, arms outstretched in the midst of a broken landscape ravaged by fear.

Further, the use of magic, references to the Celtic culture, the reconstruction of the path of riddles to the center of promise. Who is Alma really? Or rather, what hides the biggest tragedy of your life? Without immediate explanation and an increasingly unique setting, the series manages to avoid recurring gaps. One of his greatest accomplishments is that the perception of right and wrong is just a backdrop to unhealthy speculation. If we forget who we are, can we create a new identity from the absence?

The Dark Woods Surrounding Alma from Netflix

If there’s anything amazing about this show, it’s its ability to confuse a seemingly jumbled narrative that ties into deeper issues. Alma knows that something inside her is hurt. That in his memory emptiness means something. But what could it be? The series is in no hurry to tell about illegible spaces. Not to dialogue with the idea of ​​terror from the obvious. Instead, he walks with measured steps among the tragedies of powerful symbolism. Why can’t Alma remember the accident she was in? What inhabits the night terrors that you suffer from? The structure of the script plays with the space of fiction to such an extent that it creates ghostly shadows hidden among painful places.

Soul on Netflix

Is it trauma? Or something that dwells at the bottom of a horror that is just beginning to emerge? Among the chronology of horrors entangled with each other, nothing is obvious. Especially when the mysteries around Alma multiply until they cause a random connection between several different points. Is it possible that Alma received an ominous message as a result of her accident? Or that everything around her is a cross between reality and a dark dream?

Alma, elite terror with a Spanish stamp

Series Soul he has a precise ability to tell horror, anchoring its highlights in an increasingly rich mythology. Clearly the story needs to maintain its dark moments in regards to what is being announced and what it is doing. But while in such reasoning the mystery must be explained in order for the plot to move quickly, Soul make the opposite decision. What surrounds the hero – the unknown and dark – becomes a link with the fateful. With the feeling that reality is unfolding, becoming ambiguous, that time itself is splitting in two to reveal its secrets, the premise dares boldly.

Alma Stars on Netflix

Although the bet, a very bold one, has been thrown off course more than once, it is clear that Soul he has the ambition to stand up to his potholes. The relationship between horrors, cannibalistic and insatiable relationships, love turned into condemnation. In the series, everything has a place and a purpose. To be sure, you will need a lot of effort to do both. But when it does, the result is powerful and effective.

With nine well planned and best episodes, Soul it is a demonstration of good ideas that he manages to develop even in the most boring moments. In the end, the series finds a way to develop a general notion of horror that boils down to a disturbing idea: who are we in the darkness of our minds? Soul doesn’t try to answer. But yes, move the pieces so that the viewer can do it.

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