It is absurd to claim that Gaspar Noy, a Buenos Aires-based filmmaker who has lived in France since the military dictatorship made life difficult for Argentina, has earned the title of “terrible child” for his special and controversial cinematic offerings. You do not see them, and they do not leave any marks, pleasant or otherwise, according to your own sensitivity. But if you appreciate bitterness, like Lars von Trier or Michael Haneke, it will suit you.

Of course, he didn’t even smell the Hollywood industry awards. Yes, from different parts of the freest Europe. To start, Cannes Film Festival recognized him in a short Meat (1991) and for his long one against all in 1998 and climax in 2018. In addition to these last two contributions, one from Sitges awarded him thanks Entrance to the void in 2009; and San Sebastian, for Vortex last year 2021. This does not seem like a bad trajectory for those who have made the art of provocation.

Although he does not consider himself as such, be careful. Be that as it may, you will have to understand his position. “If Kubrick made me love cinematic language forever, then Scorsese made me love actors,” he said. The newspaper “New York Times. But most importantly, he said IndieWire: “I am a happy person, and when a happy person makes a violent movie, it becomes funny”; Already vulture: “If one day I make a happy, happy film, it will seem boring to me.”

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Score by specialized critics works by Gaspard Noé

it ranging the best films of Gaspard Noe according to information from the region rotten tomatoes for critics:

  1. Vortex (2021): GPA 8 out of 10 in 82 reviews.
  2. one against all (1998): average 7.8 in 24 reviews.
  3. Entrance to the void (2009): average 6.9 in 94 reviews.
  4. climax (2018): average 6.9 in 186 reviews.
  5. Irreversible (2002): average 6.1 in 123 reviews.
  6. Suite Eterna (2019): average 5.9 in 54 reviews.
  7. sees it (2015): average 5.1 in 94 reviews.

Moviegoers Opinion Rotten Tomatoes

Anonymous users who vote on Rotten Tomatoes leave us this result about Gaspard Noé’s work:

  1. one against all: average score 3.9 out of 5 with over 5000 votes.
  2. Irreversible: half 3.9 with over 25,000 votes.
  3. Vortex: half 3.7 with less than 50 votes.
  4. Entrance to the void: half 3.7 with over 10,000 votes.
  5. Suite Eterna: half 3.5 with less than 50 votes.
  6. climax: half 3.5 with over 500 votes.
  7. sees it: half 2.9 with over 2500 votes.
gaspar noe movie rating love enter the void climax irreversible
Streams of love

Opinion of moviegoers IMDb

On the other hand, here is the IMDb data on what the public thinks of Gaspard Noé’s films:

  1. Vortex: half 7.5 with 2982 votes.
  2. Irreversible: average score 7.3 out of 10 with 133,622 votes.
  3. one against all: half 7.3 with 23,594 votes.
  4. Entrance to the void: half 7.2 with 79,466 votes.
  5. climax: half 6.9 with 66,846 votes.
  6. Suite Eterna: half 6.3 with 4992 votes.
  7. sees it: half 6 with 58,093 votes.

FilmAffinity, the opinion of moviegoers

And finally, this is the information that FilmAffinity gives us:

  1. one against all: average score 7.2 out of 10 with 3642 votes.
  2. Vortex: half 7.1 with 333 votes.
  3. Entrance to the void: half 7 with 9,246 votes.
  4. Irreversible: half 6.8 with 26,020 votes.
  5. climax: half 6.6 with 9055 votes.
  6. sees it: half 6.1 with 5682 votes.
  7. Suite Eterna: half 6 with 2133 votes.
gaspar noe movie rating love enter the void climax irreversible
wild bunch

The best and worst of Gaspar Noe

Gaspar Noe’s last film released by professional critics value more: Vortex. Like moviegoers who vote on IMDb. On the contrary, those who do it on Rotten Tomatoes and FilmAffinity prefer one against all, his first film. From newest to oldest.

On the other hand, with the exception of FilmAffinity, users of these web pages post sees it in final position their respective ratings. While those Spaniards look with not the best eyes Suite Eterna.

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