Does this contradict the argument? Dragon House rose towards the end Game of Thrones? The question arose after the first episode of the new series, King Viserys I will reveal to his heiress Rhaenyra an old family secret.. This included revealing the reason why the dynasty’s first expeditions arrived on the continent of Westeros. In addition to the well-known version that it was an all-out conquest, the regent explained that it was a goal of legendary proportions. One that also contradicts what is told in the last season of the series from which he came out.

In fact, the whole sequence can change important information about how the meaning of where the series is going is understood. Viserys, who once decided to appoint his eldest daughter as heir, has an important conversation with her. Revealing what seems delicate factwhich was kept secret from generation to generation for more than five reigns.

Eventually, it is about the true purpose for which Aegon flew from Dragonstone to Blackwater Bay.. “Our stories tell that Aegon saw a rich land in his hands,” explains Viserys. Something that fits the mythology of Martin’s world. However, he added something else. Apparently, the behavior of the conquering king did not correspond solely to the desire to expand his territory. “Not only ambition led him to conquest. It was a dream. Just as Daenys foresaw the end of Valyria, so Aegon foresaw the end of the human world.”

A mystery that ultimately influences the plot Game of Thrones

Evidence suggests that the Targaryens, traditionally associated with magic in Westeros, had higher motives for their advance into new lands. According to Viserys, his ancestor’s dream was so specific that family participation in the coming cataclysm with unforeseen consequences. “It will start with a harsh winter. Aegon saw absolute darkness at the back of these northern winds. Whatever inhabits them will destroy the world of the living. When the great winter comes, Rhaenyra, all of Westeros will have to face him,” the king explained.

For many years in Game of Thrones there was talk of the danger that lurked in such a winter that would cover the continent. In Martin’s mythology, the seasons last for decades and are often milestones in history. But, according to the dream of the first Targaryen in Westeros, the cold will bring a threat beyond any foreseeable realm. What is supposed to put a dynasty with dragon blood in their veins, in a specific place of responsibility.

“For the world to survive, the Targaryens must take the Iron Throne. A king or queen strong enough to unite everyone against cold and darkness. Aegon called his dream “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Both the reference to the title of the saga on paper, signed by Martin, and to the White Walkers was confusing. Moreover, this casts doubt on the vital panorama of Westeros.

Long way between ice, fire and dragons

Game of Thrones

Allusion will be directly related to Dragon House or at least part of his argument with what is told in Game of Thrones. But it also contradicts the eighth season. The great war against the dead was not fought with the cooperation of all the houses.. In fact, they were at odds and split in a conflict that destroyed one of them long before it was clear that a fight with the White Walkers was imminent.

By the time of the standoff at Winterfell against the host of the Night King, House Tyrell had disappeared with Olenna’s death. The last survivor of the dynasty was killed on the orders of Cersei Lannister. As far as this goes, it was a queen on the Iron Throne in the midst of Daenerys Targaryen’s threat to regain power.

For more confusion, It was Arya Stark who put an end to the menace of the dead.. And oddly enough, with the dagger that King Viserys holds in his hand a hundred years ago, explaining the prophecy. All of the above suggests a complete contradiction to what is narrated in Game of Thrones in his last chapters, which caused controversy and criticism. Is this a continuity error? Are we looking at something more complex? Everything seems to indicate that in fact this is something much more interesting than one might think.

The mythology of Westeros is updated

dragon house

A few weeks ago, George R. R. Martin commented in an interview Vanity Fair about the ambitions of the team Dragon House. He indicated that both producers and writers were working on “expanding” the universe. In addition, he detailed that the plot of the series is based on future books.

This is an important fact because both winter winds which spring dream have not been published yet. The sixth and seventh books of the literary saga will detail the end Song of Ice and Fire. And, according to the author, circumstances will be very different from what is shown in Game of Thrones.

So, the information in the first chapter Dragon House indicates that new material is available in Westeros. On the other hand, there would be more to tell. Game of Thrones and its end. Added to the above is a new series about Jon Snow, which is already in production.

Can the conversation between Viserys and his heiress become an opening for a completely new end to an already cult story Game of Thrones? Without clear answers, one thing is clear: Dragon House has the potential to justify the eighth and, for many, unsuccessful season of its predecessor.

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