Look at me is a short film starring Chris Rock And Javier Bardem. The teaser trailer of the film was recently released and will be presented during the Venice Film Festival Venice 79 on the day of Sept.

Below is the teaser trailer.

The special thing about this production with two prominent actors is that it is a short film that lasts no longer than 16 minutes. The work is directed by Sally Potter. At the center of the story is a gala director, played by Chris Rock, while Javier Bardem plays the role of drummer. The video shows a discussion between the two.

The director himself stated that the short came from another project.

As we shot the scene between Chris and Javier – he said – we immediately understood that it had to be a standalone story. In the editing room, I immediately noticed how intense the dynamics between these two entertainment giants were, and how well they matched the rhythms of dancer Savion Glover. From that point on, the fate of the story was clear: it would have nothing to do with the other project. It was supposed to be a short film about conflict and love.

Source: Lega Nerd

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