Yahya Abdul Mateen recently gave an interview to Vulture that will spark debate among movie and movie comics aficionados. The actor stated that working in movies like Aquarius it’s something of a clown.

Here are his words:

We need to tell the truth, and what you need to know about movies like Aquaman is that it’s a clown job. Aquaman is not like the trial of Chicago 7. This is one thing to accept. To advance and survive as an actor, you have to accept this kind of play and be guided by what may surprise the audience, the director or yourself.

Some time ago, speaking of Aquaman 2, the interpreter Yahya Abdul-Mateen presented the project as follows:

When I read the script, I liked it better than the one in the first movie. I can say that it manages to offer the actors a lot of fascinating moments on a narrative level. In Aquaman, there was just an introduction to Black Manta and some of the motivations that drive him. In the second film I show different colors, also because the villain is always the most intriguing character to discover.

Source: Lega Nerd

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