Dragon House This is without a doubt one of the series of the year. The Game of Thrones spin-off is a great way to get back to the lands of Westeros and see the backstory of one of the series that went down in history. Dragon House this is an HBO series, so you’ll need an HBO Max subscription to watch it (you can subscribe here for 35% off).

However, from the producer of the series they want everyone to be able to see it, at least the first series, and be able to judge whether it is worth it or not. That’s why HBO Max offers first episode Dragon House absolutely freeopen to everyone. And you don’t even need an HBO Max account to watch it.

Yes, as you read. First episode Dragon House can be seen completely free on YouTube, with the only but that you will need a Google platform account and that this account is for adults, i.e. +18. If you meet this requirement, you can watch the first episode for free below:

Watch House of the Dragon for free without a subscription

Logically, the idea is that you can watch the first episode to see if you like the rest of the series, for which you will need an active account and an HBO Max subscription. And this is that, unlike other series, Dragon House It premieres weekly on HBO, so you can only see one chapter per week.

Another option is to use an HBO Max subscription, wait until the end of the series sometime in October and run a marathon. Dragon House with all available episodes. In the meantime, take advantage of HBO Max’s huge catalog to enjoy some of the best shows in history. Wire, Soprano, etc. available in the catalog.

Remember, in addition to the great series, all the great Warner movies are also available on HBO Max, including The Matrix, Joker, or the latest Batman movie.

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