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Disney+ is too cheap for what it offers and needs to go up in price, Disney CEO warns


CEO Disney He said in an interview Disney+ subscription is very cheapand what they have to do to be fair raise prices of the streaming.

What most of us feared from the very beginning is starting to happen. After eliminating open premieres, slaughtering the physical market for movies and TV shows, when they already have a monopoly on content on a closed and private streaming platform… It’s time to tighten the rope on customers.

We’ve already lost count Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+ has been around for the past two years… and this has only just begun.

We thought the strategy of streaming platforms would be to launch cheaper plans with ads like Netflix. But Disney will employ a different strategy. Nothing to lower prices. At least what it will do in the United States, Convert the standard rate to the rate with ads, increase the rate without ads.

this plan with ads to search Disney+Basic, It will arrive in the United States on December 8 and It will cost $7.99 per month. Ad-free standard plan will be called Disney+ Premium Y price increased from $7.99 to $10.99.

Will the same thing happen in Spain? Here the situation is a little different because Disney + subscription is more expensive than in the United States, 8.99 euros per month, because it includes Hulu content that they pay for separately.

However, if we pay attention to the Variety interview with Disney CEO Bob Chapek, which reached us via HobbyConsolas.com, we can say that it was predictable. Disney+ prices rise again.

One month of Disney+ for just 1.99 euros

I think we are way below our price for the value we offer. We believe that the consequences of price increases will be insignificant.Says the CEO of Disney.

Bob Chapek believes that Disney+ price increaseAlready official in the United States, it won’t cause too many casualties among subscribers. But if they keep pushing users in every way, we’ll see how far they can stretch the bubble. streaming

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