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A study analyzed streaming consumption habits and the data is very worrying for Netflix


A study performed on the web Reviews indicates that and25% of North American subscribers are considering canceling their Netflix subscription. The reasons for this are rising prices, inflation that other series missed, and more frequent use of other streaming platforms.

Netflix has lost 1.2 million subscribers worldwide so far this year. Their goal is to gain one million subscribers in the second half of 2022, but surveys they say the opposite.

The reviews website surveyed over 1,000 North American subscribers, and the results are pretty grim for the reference platform. 25% of respondents plan to cancel their Netflix subscription as soon as the time they have now runs out.

Respondents describe four reasons why they’re considering canceling their Netflix subscription.

40.29% will do so because subscription costs increased. Although Netflix has the most expensive fees on the market, it is a fact that it is Netflix that offers the most content. 21.69% admit that they miss the series and movies that were on Netflix before, but they disappeared with the birth of new platforms.

19.58% blame the high spending they cause inflation. Finally, 18.25% say they resigned because watch other platforms more often.

A very worrying result for Netflix because a good part of these reasons is out of your hands. The only thing you can control is the price of the subscription, but you certainly won’t lower it once you upgrade. cannot be undone serials and movies They left because they belonged to Disney or HBO Max, or because they controlled inflation, or because people liked other platforms more.

Of course, Netflix processes similar data itself, and since the only thing it can control is the price, instead of reducing it, it turned to the cheap tariff with advertisements.

Despite this bleak outlook, other survey data show that Netflix’s overwhelming dominance in the streaming market.

On average, Americans subscribe to 4 streaming platforms and 78% have Netflix. Disney + reaches 46% and HBO Max reaches 42%.

Netflix is ​​also the most used platform for 70% of users.. The rest is far away. Only 9.9% use HBO Max more than Netflix and only 6.18% use Disney+ more.

Netflix remains an overwhelming monopoly on streamingbut his future is full of dark clouds. HE 25% of your subscribers in the US want to unsubscribe, bad news. Especially since 3 out of 4 reasons are out of your control.

Source: Computer Hoy

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