According to the expert, there is little information about these missiles. The LMUR was launched from Ka-52 and Mi-8 helicopters equipped with an optical-electronic homing head and an AS-UAV – an unmanned aerial vehicle manufactured by the Luch Rybinsk Design Bureau. At the same time, according to Butovsky, “Products 305” is equipped with an American Tesla Electric power supply and German Telefilter microcircuits.

The LMUR is steered using the aforementioned AS-UAV, which has an unusual teardrop shape suspended under the left short wing on Ka-52M helicopters. On the Mi-8MNP-2, the antenna for radio communication is located in the nose fairing.

Butovsky claimed that the missiles used in the special operation in Ukraine belonged to the FSB.

The expert also touched on some unusual features of the LMUR. It is stated that these missiles can be launched from facilities mounted on armored personnel carriers. And these possibilities raise questions.

“Obviously, there is a lot of uncertainty around the LMUR missile,” said Piotr Butovsky.

Source: Ferra

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