AT Old manone of the latest Disney releases+, different histories and influences come together. It can be seen as a spy story, a story about a father-daughter relationship, or as an essay on time and the consequences of the past in the present and in each person’s environment. In this sense, there are several notable predecessors that should also be seen.

These are serials Old manuse police plot and espionage to tell different stories. In the case of this series, Jeff Bridges is a former CIA agent who begins to be pursued by another agent, a former colleague. One and the other know each other and somehow pass the test through different chapters. On this trip, Dan Chase, the character played by Bridges, includes his daughter and another woman.

There, Old man adds different layers and characters to the main story you want to tell. They, like other participants, take part in the story, grow and influence it to enrich its interpretations and symbolic readings. Like this Disney+ series, there are other stories that also have different levels, and in which the police and espionage serve as a means of exploring the human condition. We recommend the following.

‘The Old Man’ Is The New Disney+ Series With Jeff Bridges Everyone’s Talking About

Watch Old man currently

Three shows worth watching Old man

This short list of recommendations has two works that are considered modern classics in television series format. Start with them.


This series, released in 2013, starred Keri Russell and Matthew Reese. Regarding Old man, this story further explores the familial and personal tensions that can arise between spies.

You can see Americans on Disney+.

breaking Bad

slow horses

Slow Horses - Apple TV+ - Series - Gary Oldman

Unlike the previous two series, which alternated between family spaces and professional spaces, in slow horses espionage prevails. Its main characters grow out of their professions, their past and the risks that the present imposes on them.. The series, available on Apple TV+, was Gary Oldman’s TV format debut and premiered this April.

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