Blonde Andrew Dominica is perhaps one of the most profound cinematic insights into the myth surrounding actress Marilyn Monroe. Halfway between fiction and reality, the film explores the most tragic moments of its history. But it also allows you to analyze the figure of the performer from a new point of view. Considered one of the most iconic stars of the seventh art, much of her life is shrouded in rumor and a constant state of unfinished legend.

The plot of the production, based on the book of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates, does not pretend to be a chronicle. No detailed biography. In the middle of both journey through the phenomena surrounding the actress. In particular, the way Hollywood turned her into a mass-market product for an audience blinded by her physical attractiveness. Little by little, the industry turned Marilyn Monroe into a typical star, subjected to a kind of public scrutiny that is still unnerving.

Blonde reflects Marilyn Monroe’s obsession as an actress and personification star system from the mecca of cinema. But at the same time, debunks some of the most common myths surrounding his story. The film, which sparked controversy over its sexual content and harsh portrayal of Monroe, surprised critics. Particularly due to its director telling Variety that “it’s not a complacent job”. In fact, even the author of the original book, who approved of the script’s point of view and interpretation of her work, finds it harsh and at times unsettling.

The novel, published 22 years ago, debunks some of the most common myths about Monroe. before reaching the human portrait of the cult figure. Here are some of the most controversial things about Marilyn Monroe that Blonde explore in a new light.

Monroe was an uneducated, clumsy and ignorant woman.

Actually, as shown in both films Blonde As in the book of the same name, Marilyn Monroe was an intellectually developed woman. Although he did not have a formal university education, he had enough initiative to choose suitable readings and immerse himself in the literary world.

In fact, after his death, he bequeathed a number of items to his friend Lee Strasberg. Among which was his library, which included books by Plato, Sigmund Freud and James Joyce. Some volumes have been heavily annotated and carefully underlined.

Both in the original story and in the film, Marilyn Monroe appears beyond the image of a flighty blonde at the mercy of higher powers. Blonde he portrays her as a talented woman who struggled with a difficult industry and who eventually managed to find a way to showcase her creativity.

Blonde, Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe

Blondean actress whose success depended on the favor of others

Monroe is often said to have had to seduce Hollywood directors and executives in order to succeed. In fact, the actress had enough talent and sense of humor to take on roles of considerable size. However, she had to face the advertising machine, who decided to take her place as a cinematic sex goddess.

Despite this, Marilyn Monroe took care of her theater education and was an actress who developed and matured over the decades. Contrary to the impression later formed that she only achieved roles through sexual favors, the artist surprised several directors. Especially for those who have understood that much of his ability to create lovable characters came from his deep sensibility.

Blonde discusses the idea of ​​Monroe as a rising artist. At the same time, one that achieved several of its major triumphs through perseverance and tireless work.

The myth of Marilyn Monroe’s sexuality

Blonde went through a heated controversy around several sexual sequences. The film is not shy about showing a more carnal version of Monroe who has had a complicated emotional and sexual life. However, the film is smart enough to show the actress as more than her explicit sexualization. Actually, explores his perception of sexuality and how it affected his lifeapart from the good part of their decisions.

The film, which analyzes Marilyn Monroe’s childhood abuse, carefully examines the aftermath of this traumatic event. Also, the future implications this had on how the translator understood her relationship with power, sex, and publicity. One of the most interesting things about the production is the attentive treatment of Monroe as a wounded woman acknowledging her own pain..

Blonde, Anna like Marilyn Monroe

The exception allows the argument to capture pop culture’s erotic myth in a whole new dimension, and no doubt much more human. In particular, by building an intimate and tragic vision of a wounded woman who had to cope with deep emotional suffering almost without psychiatric tools.

Marilyn Monroe and her relationship with fame Blonde

Blonde shows without hesitation that Marilyn Monroe was a victim of fame and industry scrutiny of her life. In fact, Dominic’s point of view is extremely harsh, especially since he makes it clear that Monroe could not avoid such a situation. But And it doesn’t show her completely innocent.

One of the most striking elements of the script is how it analyzes Monroe’s relationship with fame. At the same time, the way he understood her influence and recognition, although at times they could seem terrifying.

Blonde takes time to analyze what fame can lead to as a cruel and unstoppable phenomenon. But, at the same time, he tells how Marilyn Monroe perceived it and, on occasion, used it to her advantage. An angle that is rarely shown and which denies the idea that the actress was an ignorant victim of the mechanism that kept her career alive. However, he makes it clear again and again that mass worship can be a double-edged sword. Something that Blonde does not lose its significance.

Marilyn Monroe

Monroe as an unattainable myth

appearance Blonde o Marilyn Monroe has a depth and sensitivity that is puzzling. Especially considering that much of the film’s tone emphasizes the harshness of his life. But Dominique humanizes the actress and follows her journey to stardom with an almost lavish exploration. The myth surrounding the figure of Monroe then becomes a series of reflections on femininity, power and fear.

And also about how the actress has achieved a place in the history of cinema, despite the humiliation and all kinds of humiliation. Marilyn Monroe from Blonde he is not a victim and not a hostage of glory. In fact, he is a bright and determined figure. In the end, imbued with a powerful force that surprises with its honest look at the raucous world around her.

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