in the series bold, from HBO Max, the look at normalcy is misleading. In the anonymous city where the story takes place, everything seems frozen in a timeless void. Houses with a gloomy and decadent look, tired faces of the inhabitants, a forest on the outskirts. All elements are connected into something bigger, unique and unpleasant, which little by little is woven from the screen.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing moments of the production is the possibility that the terrifying is hiding in plain sight, unable to distinguish it from what surrounds it. Every item in bold designed as a trap. But, at the same time, like a puzzle of disparate pieces, which is built up little by little as the plot develops.

The premise is apparently simple: the dark, quiet, and unsettling city that the plot explores is a whirlwind. Whoever enters it will not be able to exit it again.. Without a doubt, a version of the unknown in frightening spaces, which has already been shown often. Nonetheless, bold he makes the wise decision to turn his secret into a circumstance.

“From” is one of those series in which with each new chapter there is something to talk about.

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He does this by allowing his characters to experience the limits of that frontier with the unknown. The way they find themselves at the epicenter of a phenomenon that can be both physical and completely supernatural.

A terrifying maze that leads nowhere

AT bold, the script links time and fear into one chilling line of events. The forest is a deceptively harmless witness to what surrounds each house and character. Darkness, an element that becomes a brutal perception of violence. But especially isolation and loneliness are scenarios for increasingly violent and inexplicable events..

What makes an old woman capable of killing and tearing like an aggressive predator? What surrounds the whole city with some kind of horror that flows in silence with an infectious thread of events? Little by little, the performance shows to what extent the invisible is a boundary, a state of fear associated with something more terrible.

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bold nuances of fear from the idea of ​​what could be a sentence, even a crucible. “Let me in, I’m alone,” pleads the old woman, who hangs around the windows at dusk and turns out to be a brutal killer. What made her like this? What causes an indescribable feeling that the city is surrounded by an invisible circle of bloody events?

The series does not hide the fact that its history is cruel. As much as for gory scenes include gore and gore spattered walls that are clearly shown. What is happening in the city is not amenable to secondary interpretation and, in fact, is characterized by unprecedented cruelty.

But, although the scenery is changing, becoming darker, denser and more impenetrable, there is no explanation. The premise is kept secret, hidden. In the worst case, as an integral part of the city, as a peninsula isolated from the outside world.

From the HBO Max series

boldnameless, haunting horror

Just like the mysterious island was in a cult lostIt seems out of time and reality. This circumstance creates the possibility that the great question of narrative is unusually simple for a complex formulation. What is hidden among the silent facades, closed windows and deserted streets of any city?

With a mixture between Salem Lot Stephen King (which he directly refers to) and Lovecraft’s story, bold appalling in its simplicity. By the time the argument finds its darkest and most twisted moment, the series has reached an unclassifiable dark point. The slowness of the camera when moving, the way the script tells step by step about the deaths and the despair of the victims. Whatever the answer to the lurking evil, the answer is not unique. It is this multiplicity that makes the story more and more monstrous, overwhelming and at the same time bewitching idea.

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bold It’s been in the HBO Max catalog for a few months now, but perhaps just like its story, it took a while for it to show its horrors. An overnight success and a phenomenon in the horror genre, this is a version of fear that transcends any limits. Like the tiny dark world it hides, it heralds a new kind of horror discourse. The mysterious tone that the series clarifies in each of its chapters.

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