The International Rapid Genome Rewiring Group includes the primelo. years ago is the common ancestor of all mammals. They are used as the basis of the genome for 32 living mammal species. We know practically nothing about the common ancestor, but its computer simulation suggests recreating the genome, in fact, based on it – an approximate species.

It is believed that mammals as separate species of vertebrates began mammals as separate ones. They appear and are very characteristic for the development of the ability to feed young with milk, find an ear with food bones, the presence of a neocortex region in the brain and the presence of hair for thermoregulation. The damned ones can’t understand why for millions of years the mammals were “on the barrel” of the terrestrial fauna,

Ancestor of mammals

The answer is probably received. 1215 almost identical side genes of the bottom and the same homosome 9 chromosomes allow. Moreover, it is recommended with non-mammalian genes such as birds. This may be called the core or basis of animal life on earth.

But between stable chromosomes and mammals, on the contrary, p, p, p, p, p, p, p, p, p. They increase the ability to evolve, change, create new functions. This is the key to the success of mammals – for example, 66 million l dinosaurs.

Source: Tech Cult

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