Falling Mac sales worry Apple suppliers

Apple will face a future supply crisis with OLED panels it plans to include in its new products.

Latest MacBooks see performance gains despite falling sales in the last quarter

A worrying thing is about to blow up Apple, especially in the Mac region. Cupertino’s latest quarterly earnings report Apple reveals a significant drop in computer sales. first effect, panel vendors stop investing in OLED production lines.

Apple and the new Mac and iPad with OLED will have problems in the future due to production

According to The Elec, Panel makers Samsung and LG Display have yet to place orders for equipment to help build their production lines.. Gen 8 production lines are currently expected to produce more panels than existing Gen 6 lines, which are expected to meet the requirement in 2024.

Construction of new lines is completed in 1 year, so it is worrying that neither of the 2 providers has started the construction in question. They did not do this because of concerns about the profitability of the business. Apple may invest in a startup, but there’s no guarantee how long they’ll be able to buy such panels.. As it can be a short investment and these production lines are not used.

Macbook Air

15-inch MacBook Air to be unveiled at next WWDC

Mac’s current numbers aren’t good at all

Mac’s present at Apple didn’t leave good numbers. According to Cupertino, revenue fell from 10.4 to $7.2 billion. Numbers are lower than in the previous quarter. The global PC market is in a recession that also affects Apple.

It depends on the story, Apple orders TSMC to temporarily suspend production of M processors. The current production capacity is running at half. A lot OLED Macs could rise in price and therefore, if you don’t have a good sales margin, new releases can be a complete failure.

Recently, Samsung announced that it will invest up to $4.1 billion by 2026 in the construction of OLED Gen 8 production lines. What no one knows is that Samsung has a problem with lawsuits filed by suppliers of OLED machines. requiring payment of development fees in addition to the price of the machines. LG Display in redTherefore, neither organization was able to guarantee an adequate supply of panels.

last cut pro

Two of the video and audio editing apps will be on the App Store

Between now and 2024, it’s almost half a year. Apple has time to consult whether it will make a decision on OLED panels. Apple’s plan is to launch the iPad Pro OLED as the first device, followed by the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro by 2026. Although it is difficult to guarantee this due to the line structure in question, Samsung was able to overcome its crises and meet the demand.

Source: i Padizate

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