Did it take you any effort to discern what was happening on screen in episode 7? Dragon House? You are not the only one. Again, the visuals and the production’s obvious creative choices influenced the development of a fundamental chapter in the HBO series.

Most of the important scenes in the episode took place at night, rendering many of them indistinguishable. Not just for what it looks like bad light. Also playing with shadows, which turned long outdoor shots into a jumble of images. The problem recurred not only on TV screens. On social media, specialized critics noted that there was an increase in visual confusion even on other devices.

The plot was jumbled between scenes, almost incomprehensible. As if that wasn’t enough the growing gloom confused viewers as to what was going on or the characters involved at different times.. A specific issue that affected the impact of the chapter, which notes before and after the main argument.

House of the Dragon is a new series in the Game of Thrones universe.

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Westeros is in darkness again

The most interesting thing is that the effect seems to have been a key part of the concept of the chapter. The production, directed by director Miguel Sapochnik, insisted that “creative solutions”. In fact, the official HBO Max Twitter account has made it clear tweetin which he responded to a fan’s complaint with a direct explanation. “The low lighting in this scene was a deliberate creative decision”made the platform clear.

But the apparent “freedom of visual storytelling” seems to be a real disadvantage for Dragon House. A few days before, writer and presenter ringerJoanna Robinson, warned about what might happen with the late night episodes. Among other things, the reviewer it is recommended to update the TV settings to a mode with a higher brightnessin addition to adding, “They should watch it with all the curtains closed.”

It was an issue that involved more than just the audience’s opinion of the chapter. Also inevitable is the question of the need for new productions to take into account the variable of televisions at the time of recording. The fact is that the seventh episode Dragon House left as evidence.

Darkness is everywhere in Dragon House

Dragon House

This isn’t the first time a story based in the fictional world of Westeros has run into this problem. In 2019 head “Long Night”one of the most important in the eighth season Game of Thrones, turned into a confusion of shadows and vague figures. The director is also Sapochnik, he was heavily criticized. Viewers were puzzled when entire sequences were virtually indistinguishable. Much more so when the visual quality undermines the quality of the whole story.

In this regard, the director explained IndieWire that the darkness, deeper and more confusing, it is a “means to tell about terrible events”. In fact, he pointed out that it was a way of emphasizing the episode’s urgency. “It makes sense that this was the last hope of mankind, the last beacon of light. In terms of where we needed to take the story, which was supposed to come to a surreal and chaotic climax, we needed a dark setting.”

Visualization technology in modern television

Modern editing kits include an optimally calibrated OLED reference monitor for visual inspection. That is, the studio version will be the best and brightest of the final visual product. Of course, this is the most modern technology that home TVs, tablets or smartphones cannot always match. Which can cause inconsistency during the transfer of content and its previous result.

The poor visual quality of an episode may also be due to understanding video provided by video streaming services. Cause? Streaming—on any platform—should be fast and efficient. However, this method results in loss of quality and visual data in the final product. Something that even the cinematographer long nightFabian Wagner, pointed out that this may be one of the reasons for the complaints about this episode.

However, the recurrence of the situation makes it clear that the problem is more complex than one might think. Creative or not, the inconvenience of understandable scenes remains a part of George Martin’s world.

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