nvidia card GeForce RTX 4090 we already have dedicated media for tests and reviews, but we still don’t have full reviews on GPUs. Although the information is not officially released, performance tests Geekbench’s latest results have started leaking onto the internet as it shows much better CUDA performance for the card than before.

According to the test results of CUDA cores on Geekbench circulating on the internet, the RTX 4090 emerges. score up to 424332 in benchmarkIt’s housed in a system with a Ryzen 9 7950X clocked at 6000 MHz and 32GB of DDR5 RAM.

By comparison, the RTX 3090 Ti has a maximum score of 260346 for the same test, approximately 60% lower number than its successor. Compared to the standard model RTX 3090, the result is less than 77%.

Previous GPU scores in the same benchmark test.

It’s worth noting that Geekbench’s CUDA core test is a good indicator of a GPU’s “raw” performance, but you can’t expect the same performance gains to be directly reflected in gaming tests.

A lot more processes are involved when running a game, so it’s easier to wait for direct performance tests on games to make that assessment. It shouldn’t take long for this information to arrive as the plates officially arrive on October 12.

In the meantime, check out more details on the two GPUs in the comparison to the RTX 4090 and RTX 3090 Ti by TecMundo.

Source: Tec Mundo

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