Progress between film critics and audiences Smile continues to generate positive reactions. A film that is famous for its novelty and realism in the spirit of horror. This is the first feature film directed by Parker Finn, which so far has become one of the hottest new releases of the second quarter of the year and the genre.

Smile tells the story of a psychologist who repeatedly witnesses strange events after treating a patient. What is special about this person? I saw people smile. Then, from this professional experience, different questions begin to move to another plane. This detail, the smile, became the basis of an advertising campaign that surprised many people..

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the USA. The season is currently in its peak stage, which determines the teams that will advance to the next round. The media attention is growing and the fan base is stable. As part of this, as part of activations to distribute the premiere Smilea number of actors appeared in different stadiums to surprise fans as well as spectators.

Smile and a horrific movie advertisement

Through users like communicator Eric Davies, Twitter was filled with a generic image for a while: a man standing in bright clothes looks at one of the cameras broadcasting a baseball game and smiles. He smiles like it’s the only thing he can do other than open his eyes intimidatingly.

Davis, in one of most viral tweets concerning Smile and its activation on different sites, he wrote:

“Here’s a hilarious and clever ad for the movie: Paramount apparently put the #Smile cast in the crowd during last night’s Yankees and Mets games, both in full view of the cameras. The results were truly horrendous. Are you going to the game this weekend? Watch out for smiles!

This message was followed by another in which he indicated that he also An identical activation was performed during a game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Dodgers. St. Louis Cardinals. The choice of teams does not seem random, since the four have a large group of fans and are currently experiencing a good sports stretch. Davis commented that during the broadcast of the program TodayShow! The actress was also spotted. Perhaps these were not the only places, and the idea was applied in spaces with less communicative resonance.

MLB Smile Major League Baseball Promotion

Judging by the reaction on Twitter, the plan worked. Locals and strangers at the premiere Smile they had their first contact about what the film had to offer. The Paramount Campaign Also Includes Something Else in an American context: by bringing cinema closer to baseball, it brought together two of the most visible passions of a part of this society that have worked well together throughout history. For this reason, there are several film productions based on this discipline. However, this time the smiles were not in favor of victory.

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