The man on the street Gianluca Mangiasciutti’s new film is soon in Italian cinemas thanks to Eagle Pictures, which today presents the official trailer. The fatality of life, the restlessness of guilt and the desire for revenge are interwoven in a refined drama thriller in which rhythm and tension lead to unexpected emotions and feelings.

The protagonists of this intense story are Lorenzo Richelmy (The talent of the Hornet, The girl in the fog, Marco Polo), one of the most famous faces of Italian cinema, also abroad, and Aurora Giovinazzo (dog years, Is panicking) emerging actress of the national film scene, flanked by Latin American protagonist Astrid Casali (The vegetable, DOC – In your hands).

Short content:
Irene is 8 years old when she witnesses the death of her father as the only witness at the hands of a hijacker who runs away. Haunted by guilt for not remembering the killer’s face, Irene becomes a rebellious and introverted teenager with the sole obsession with getting justice. He leaves school and finds work in the factory of the icy and fascinating Michele, the man who was behind the wheel of the car. The girl doesn’t seem to recognize him, but he doesn’t hesitate. Michele immediately feels a strong protective instinct towards the girl, which quickly turns into love. Completely in the dark, Irene begins to open up and confide in the man she’s chasing. As the circle around Michele shrinks, something unexpected happens…

Source: Lega Nerd

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