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Netflix and its dedication to series: more than 1,000 episodes in the last three months


The Netflix platform is famous for its endless content. seriesthousands movies and hundreds of millions of users. Of all the streaming services, it is the service that premieres the most each month, and a new report has shown that. none Disney or HBO they approach him.

have you ever felt this Netflix Does he stream more TV shows and movies than a normal person can watch in his lifetime? Well, we assure you, can’t I watch all Netflix productions in a lifetime?

According to a recent report by the research firm, Netflix broke its own record by releasing 1,026 original TV episodes in the third quarter of 2022. These are very serials.

No other streaming service has even come close.. Prime Video, Amazon’s second most prolific service, aired 223 TV episodes in the same quarter. Hulu 194, released Disney 140 and HBO only 114.

Note that these figures only cover the original content. Licensed programs such as In the Dark, Dynasty, and Intervention do not count. Netflix premiered 159 original series between July 1 and September 30 this year.


Preview of Netflix releases in October 2022

ahead of Netflix, Disney and HBO

These are 16 more originals than the previous record of 143 that occurred in the fourth quarter of 2021.. Netflix is ​​filling the competition like never before.

There are many possible explanations for Netflix’s production boom. However, the main issue was that many series were experiencing delays due to the pandemic and arrived much earlier.

Another possible explanation is that Netflix actually lost more than a million subscribers in the second quarter, which is less than expected. The flood of content could be an attempt to keep subscribers from leaving.

If you want to check out what Netflix has been streaming in the last quarter, just go to the streaming app and click on Latest Releases. You probably have so many premieres and little time to see them.

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