One of the things that has understood us very well for a long time Windows 11, and earlier versions of the Microsoft operating system do not include a tool that allows you to easily record what you are doing on the screen. It’s way behind macOS here, but it looks like things will change radically.

In an event realized by the Redmond company, it was possible to see an important change that will reach an integrated application. Crop and annotate (or English Snipping Tool). In it, a new function is given, which is what users have been waiting for for a long time: it will allow you to do both. catches easily as a screen. records. As such, it’s a supplement that many will certainly appreciate.

Until now, the way to do this was to use tools. play a game Windows 11, but a bit of work complicated and it doesn’t always work (especially in some applications that are not built into the OS). If that doesn’t fit, it’s the use of third-party software that doesn’t convince many because of the possible risks – and of course, if there are costs involved in that matter.

Simplicity is key to this arrival in Windows 11

If there’s one thing that stands out about Scraps, it’s that it’s very simple to use: press a button and that’s it (or the Windows + Shift + S key combination). And also, this consumes almost no resources your computer. Therefore, background use does not cause any problems, which increases its usefulness and good working. And that’s exactly what you get with the newborn, it has to be said, it’s official as Microsoft was the one to announce its arrival.

New screen recording in Windows 11


What does the app have to do with its interface, almost nothing changes because the top headband has all the options. And the only thing that has changed is the inclusion of several buttons, one of which allows you to enable screenshot options and the other to save. The possibilities to delay the start of the function and choose whether to perform the action in full screen or in a window are preserved. more than that sufficient For most, everything has to be said.

Arrival to users of this new option

There is no confirmation of this, but from what has been said, everything indicates that this innovation will be part of the first major update of the latest version of Windows 11. end of October 2022. In this case, it will be optional to become mandatory in the November patches on the first Tuesday of each month. Therefore, we are talking about the imminent arrival of an option that does not seem so important, but is sure to be very useful to everyone.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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