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One of the best sci-fi movies of the 20th century will no longer be available on Netflix


Things haven’t been going too well for Netflix in recent weeks, losing subscribers for the first time in 10 years. And news like this doesn’t help either. Although in his rank, promoting series and films in his catalog is not always his decision.

One of the best science fiction films of the 20th century. Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival hits Netflix on April 30th. If you haven’t seen it, we recommend watching it, even if you’re not a sci-fi fan, because it’s not the most interesting part of the movie.

Arrival tells the story of a translator who is looking for a way to contact an alien spacecraft visiting Earth and discovers a message of vital importance to her and humanity. You can read the review on and here is the trailer:


Arrival – Trailer in Spanish

Like many other fantasy films, Arrival uses a superficial and near-impossible excuse, an alien landing, to raise a question that actually affects us: lack of communication on a personal level and on a global level between countries.

An argument that has become fashionable again, unfortunately, because of the invasion of Ukraine.

Based on a short novel by Ted Chang, Denis Villeneuve, who is now in the spotlight with his excellent Dune, has managed to turn a text that seemed uncivilized into a movie. Although here the merit of screenwriter Eric Heisserer, who, by the way, was nominated for an Oscar.

Arrival will leave Netflix on April 30th., so you still have a few days to see it. It will still be available on HBO Max and on loan from Amazon Prime Video, but we don’t know for how long.

This is an independent production, the rights to which are in the hands of Sony in Spain, so it can be on any platform. If you want to save yourself the mess and keep a great movie, you have on Blu-ray 4K and standard at stores like Amazon.

No matter what, Netflix is ​​going to keep betting on movies and is announcing 40 new films for this summer.

Source: Computer Hoy

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