The Silent Hill Special Event not only gave a glimpse of remake or new spin off What will happen in the franchise? Konami confirms the game’s return to the big screen Return to Silent Hill, movie directed by Christoph Hans. Not only Hans will be present in the film, but also Victor Hadida, the producer of the two previous films, as well as films resident Evil.

According to Rui Naito, responsible for the development of intellectual property and multimedia, the film was the catalyst for Konami to decide to revive the games silent Hill. Naito says that Victor Hadida contacted him a few years ago to propose a new film in the series. After receiving the script and early concepts, Konami thought it had potential for the future.

The Japanese company has decided to freeze the project for a while until they determine the future of the saga, and today is the time to announce it to the world. Simultaneously with the remake developed by the Blobber Team, Story Return to Silent Hill will be based on Silent Hill 2.

The film tells the story of a young man who returns to Silent Hill where he meets great love and what he finds is a nightmare.

Christoph Hans, Director Return to Silent Hill

Return to Silent Hill will be based on Silent Hill 2

Christoph Gans, director of the first two films, said that Return to Silent Hill it has more to do with psychological terror. For his part, Victor Hadida has shown that Hans not only clearly understands the idea modernize the movie but make it true to the video game. Early concept art and sketches show key scenes and locations from the series, such as Brookhaven Hospital.

The director admitted that the first games These were great artistic achievements and it is his responsibility to bring them to the big screen. Hans showed that bring back Pyramid Head, one of the most characteristic enemies of the saga. The director also said that they would redesign some of the monsters that appeared in the 2006 film and were well received by fans.

Although Return to Silent Hill does not have a release date, Christoph Hans reported that the film will be 90 to 100 minutes long. In the meantime, we will have to wait for more information. The director said they are also collaborating on a new episode of the franchise, likely a joint experience developed by Behavior and Bad Robot.

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