Through their Instagram profile, Netflix Spain announced that filming 1992. This series has one of the most important names in the country’s entertainment industry in its creative team: Alex de la Iglesiawho is one of the creators of the production and will also direct it.

Spain and Netflix have had a strong relationship for several years now when it comes to content production. This link allowed the platform streaming be more ambitious in terms of their proposals. This partly explains the connection with Alex de la Iglesia, one of the most prestigious directors in the country.

Based on the above, 1992 will still be associated with Spain for a number of other reasons. The production will be recorded between Seville and Madrid. His story will tell why different murders occur, having a common pattern: the bodies are burned, and next to them appears the Curro doll, this talisman Universal Exhibition of Sevilleorganized in 1992, also known as Expo 92.

synopsis 1992produced by Netflix

With the announcement of the beginning of the recording of the synopsis 1992. Is the following:

“After the death of her husband in a strange explosion, Amparo (Marian Alvarez) begins to search for answers with the only help of Richie (Fernando Valdivielso), a security guard, ex-cop and alcoholic. Meanwhile, the murders always follow one after the other according to the same scenario: next to the charred body of the victims, the Curro doll, the iconic mascot of Expo 92 in Seville, appears.


So far, only a part of the translators who will be in the production is known. to the already mentioned Marian Alvarezremembered for her work in Wound (1993) and Fernando Valdivelsowhich was just a part Venus (2022), add recognized world vegamain character Lucia and sex (2001) and Carlos Santospart of the cast man of a thousand faces (2013).

1992Alex de la Iglesia and the working group

The only name that appears prominently on the show’s poster is Alex de la Iglesia. It makes sense when you think about it: he is one of the most prestigious figures in Spanish cinema. The director is remembered for his work in productions such as: day of the beast (1995) laughing dead man (1999) Community (2000) a sad ballad about a trumpet (2010) or Witches of Zugarramurdi (2013).

These are just some of the titles that can be cited in the extensive filmography that began in 1993 with mutant action. Thirty years after this production, Alex de la Iglesia shapes 1992 WITH Jorge Guerricachevarria. Both creators. It’s not the first time they’ve worked on the same project. They’ve done it before in productions like day of the beast And Community. They will be added, in the work of the writers, Pablo Tebarone of the creators plastic seaAnd Jorge Valdano Saenzwho wrote headless chickens.

Curry’s story

advertising poster 1992 shows a figure observing open fire. From the synopsis of the Netflix series, it is known that this is the body. But what is behind this link? Possibly the iconic mascot of Spanish culture: Curro.

This was the name of the official mascot of the World Exhibition of Seville, held in 1992. This proposal was the winner of a competition organized by the State Society. Heinz Edelman was its creator. His idea was chosen from 23 other options. But who is Curry? This is a bird with elephant legs and a multi-colored beak. This detail is not minor, as the intention was to make a reference to the rainbow. His election became known on March 14, 1989 in Madrid. A little over a month later, on April 22, it was officially presented in the Plaza de España.

when will it be released 1992Alex de la Iglesia?

No confirmed date. This could happen sometime in 2024. But there is no certainty in this..

Source: Hiper Textual

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