Paramount Pictures is moving forward with its plan to create reboot from Naked gun, a popular 1980s cop comedy starring Leslie Nielsen. In the last hours Pamela Anderson joined the cast led by Liam Neeson. The film is expected to hit theaters next year.

It is unclear whether Pamela Anderson will take on the female lead role in the new version. Naked gun. Although it would not be strange if it were so. Let’s remember that the original film was released in 1988 under the title Grab it as much as you can in Spain, and in much of Latin America it appeared on billboards as And where are the police? Meanwhile in Argentina, a more direct translation of the original title was chosen and it was released simply as Naked gun.

Details about reboot Leslie Nielsen’s classic works are still rare. Paramount Pictures Announces Creative Reboot Naked gun in October 2022 under the direction of Akiva Schaffer. Liam Neeson was cast as Lieutenant. Frank Drebinthe role that made Nielsen popular on the big screen.

Without a doubt, the chosen one of the Northern Irishman strives to play a parody. Especially considering that in recent years the actor has repeatedly played the role of a ruthless killer. As for Pamela Anderson, although her role has not been confirmed, there are already suggestions that she could play Jane Spencer, Drebin’s wife. Priscilla Presley played this character in the original film.

Pamela Anderson joins reboot from Naked gun

Pamela Anderson’s arrival reboot from Naked gun comes out just over a month after Paramount confirmed its release date. The feature film will be released July 18, 2025as announced late last February.

The script for the new version of the film was written by Dan Gregor and Doug Mand in collaboration with director Shaffer. In addition to taking elements from the 1988 production, which later had two sequels, we get to see how the new film’s satire is adapted. Naked gun until modern times.

The film, starring Liam Neeson and Pamela Anderson, is being produced by production company Fuzzy Door. Seth MacFarlanecreator Family man And Ted. Then it wouldn’t be strange that reboot be much more acute on a graphical and linguistic level. In any case, it is not yet known what his rating will be.

Restart Naked gun will mark Pamela Anderson’s return to major studio film productions. He last appeared in a high-profile film in the film adaptation Baywatchsince 2017, where he played a cameo role as C.J. Parker, his character from the series of the same name.

Pamela Anderson returned to center stage in 2022 after the film’s premiere. Pam and Tommyseries describing one of the biggest scandals of the nineties: theft and disclosure sex video what he recorded with Tommy Leeher then husband.

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