The highly anticipated fifth season of the hit Netflix series. Crown it has a curious duty to cover several points of contention. In particular, what happened during the marriage of the newly-born Carlos III and Camila Parker-Bowles. According to series star Dominic West, this will include an outrageous plot twist that the actor says will be “uncomfortable and controversial.”

We are talking about the shameful episode that occurred in 1993 and received the nickname “Tumpongate” in the British press.. As he commented Entertainment Weekly the translator who will play Carlos III in the new season, Crown will carefully investigate the contentious dispute. As you may remember, it was then that a private conversation was recorded between the then-future monarch and Camila Parker-Bowles. Spread by the tabloid the eldest son of the late Elizabeth II could be heard amid unequivocally sexual revelations.

West’s release came as a surprise after Josh O’Connor, who played Charles III in the fourth season, insisted that he not be included. But, according to West, this time it’s a necessary storyline to understand the critical moment that the British crown was going through at the time. In particular, how it affected the English subjects and their perception of the main figures of the monarchy.

“I remember thinking this is such a dirty and very, very embarrassing thing (at the time),” West explained. ugh. “Looking back and revisiting it, you realize that it was not the fault of these two people, two lovers who had a private conversation. What is really (now clear) is how aggressive and disgusting the media attention was. They printed it out word for word, and you could call the number and listen to the actual recording. I think analyzing what happened made me understand the two of them very well and what they went through.

Rough recent past in Crown

For the last four seasons Crown becomes more and more controversial. What began as a lavish journey through the recent history of the British monarchy soon turned into a delicate moment. Especially when the fourth season had to endure the most famous public image controversy in decades. What happened between Diana of Wales, then Prince Charles and his relationship with Camila Parker-Bowles.

The fifth season, which will premiere in November on Netflix, will have to analyze several critical moments. From the increasingly obvious relationship of the current king with his longtime mistress to the public reaction of Diana of Wales. Crown faces a complex case study of facts that are still controversial among the Crown, the press and those involved.

But the so-called “Tumpongate” is one of the hardest moments. Particularly because it forever changed the relationship between the British press and the crown. Little by little, what began as a persistent siege on the private life of Carlos III became the business of the state. So much so that his options as the successor to Elizabeth II and the possible impact of the scandal on his future were publicly discussed.

By the fourth season, the show’s approach to the relationship between Charles III and the late Diana of Wales was troubling Buckingham Palace. Enough to spark a media controversy about reality and fiction in the show’s plot. In the end, Crown included a warning about its status as a drama program.

Season for a king

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