Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) is a freelance detective. At least, that’s his intention during the opening episodes of director Harry Bradbeer’s film of the same name. The direct sequel to the 2020 Netflix hit shows the passage of time, highlighting the evolution of its protagonist. From a young girl searching for her place in the world to a new version of Enola who knows her own. In addition, she must strive to be taken seriously as the private investigator she tries to be.

An adaptation of Nancy Springer’s novels has the advantage of playing right with elements of an ideal London, but with historical weight.. Essentially, the argument Enola Holmes 2 it is based on the book Lefties case sagas about a young heroine. In the literary version, Bryant and May’s match factory strike becomes a dangerous and dramatic setting.

In the film, this is also true, but Bradbeer adds a more insightful version of how the politically significant event is connected to Enola Holmes. After all, Sherlock Holmes’ little sister is trying to discover a world beyond her experience. This includes deepening and developing a coherent view of their perception of a country with obvious social and cultural differences.

A clever look at a murky dilemma

Enola Holmes 2 it is not intended to be used as a historical document. But he uses the hostile London of the late 19th century as the perfect place to explore several different ideas. What begins with the disappearance of an actress ends with a journey through poverty and street violence.

Also because of the harsh living conditions of a country that is in full transition to industrialization. All this in the midst of Enola’s surprised look, as well as her evolution and maturity and, in the end, her understanding of the world around her. The plot is a curious game in which the ambitions of her heroine and the context of an aggressive city are mixed to tell a unique story. Between the two of them, Enola Holmes is no longer a teenager asking urgent questions, but a developed intellect in search of a goal to be achieved.

Enola Holmes 2a necessary extension of immense ingenuity

Bess (Serrana Su-Ling Bliss) is Enola Holmes’ first official client. A young woman searches for her missing sister and suggests that something catastrophic may have happened. However, in her teenage years, on the harsh city streets and, moreover, in poverty, no one takes her worries seriously. A situation that Enola, whose office is an aggressive space in which she is accused of being “too young, inexperienced and female” to be a detective, can understand. So he immediately gets down to business. He does it in good faith – something that overwhelms the character – but also out of curiosity.

Slowly, the skillful screenplay manages to tie in the idea that something serious and potentially dangerous is going on underneath London’s seeming calm.. Especially when, as his investigation progresses, he discovers that the disappearance makes what seems like a more difficult case worse. One that also almost accidentally leads her to cross paths with her famous big brother. In this case, Cavill’s Holmes has more substance, involvement and importance in the plot. As Enola’s legal guardian, the character is a part of her life, and their relationship becomes complex, brotherly, and loving. The actor seeks to breathe life into an alienated character, and does so gently, humanely, portraying a literary hero.

But the center of interest Enola Holmes 2 It is, of course, Enola. Millie Bobby Brown gives the character an unexpected personality and an inner vitality to be thankful for. Especially when the film has the curious obligation to announce that this will be the first of many adventures for its young heroine. The actress achieves this and inspires her inexperienced detective with a sense of growth and inevitable maturity. Much more so when the case at hand shows her a long way to a better understanding of London and even herself. Story game Enola Holmes 2 done with skill, intelligence and fluency.

Enola, like a father, like a son

Like Enola Holmes, her story’s ambitions also grew. The sequel to the original is bigger, better built, and it’s clear that Netflix is ​​taking the franchise opportunity seriously. The film’s London is a dark and uninviting set of gloomy buildings..

But also a complex maze in which Enola must find the key that will allow her to understand the harsh scenario that surrounds her. The script struggles, and despite its occasional lapses in pace and tone, the film is brilliantly nimble. A new take on the genre that makes Enola Holmes 2 a gateway to what is being declared to be the greater universe. One who is full of Enola’s brilliant ability to “find the truth”, but especially to build his own version of the world.

In the end, Enola Holmes will solve the mystery of the moment, she will be able to understand her brother better and, in addition, she will do something more important. Prove that his story deserves to be carefully examined by putting it together like a neat puzzle. The film’s biggest achievement.

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