This year’s traditional special is the The Simpsons dedicated to Halloween,”Treehouse of Horror Presents“Is an event in grand style: not only because it has a special episode (“Not It”, inspired by It by Stephen King and released on October 23) but because of the three parodies, one is a Japanese opera and was made with one absolutely distinctive anime style.

The three episodes, directed by Rob Oliver, will be titled “The Pookadook”, “Death Tome” and “Simpsonsworld”: if the former shoots the horror film Babadook and the latter the hit TV series Westworld, “Death Tome” is in instead inspired by Death Note, a famous manga that later became an anime, known not only for the beautiful character design of Takeshi Obata, but also for the originality of the plot conceived by Tsugumi Ōba, at least for the context of the shonen manga. In fact, it tells of Light Yagami, a brilliant high school student who, after coming into possession of a cursed notebook that can cause the death of a person simply by writing the name in it, decides to cleanse the world of the evil ones. … and became himself a wanted “super villain” by police around the world.

The episode’s most peculiar quirk is that they’re drawn and created in a distinctly anime style, redesigning the characters’ features in an unexpected way: it’s not the first time the Simpsons have parodyed anime, but it’s probably the first time they do it with a really consistent design.

We remember that the tradition of the Treehouse of Horror Presents is now one of the most consolidated in the American series, with the first episode airing as early as 1990: in its thirty-three editions we have seen parodies of all kinds, of the classic monsters from Universal to 80s classics like Nightmare, from 50s sci-fi to Harry Potter, from the ghost presence of Poltergeist to The Shining, through Avatar, Twilight and Jurassic Park.

Source: Lega Nerd

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