Five months after the first advance on Avatar: the path of water, you have another. Trailer not the same teaser, in which the vast world of Pandora continues to open. This is one of the main ideas of her director James Cameron throughout the film saga. For this, water, as the name suggests, will be relevant.

Avatar 2 This is one of the most anticipated performances of recent years. Avatar, the first one released in 2009, was a timely event from different points of view. Added to the visual spectacle are various technological improvements in terms of production. The result shocked many viewers and left hitherto unseen collectible records. It has become the most profitable industry.

Then, Avatar: the path of water This takes place thirteen years after the first part. This takes place in a context in which, again, James Cameron solved various technological advances to find this story. He even said at the time that he had to wait so long for this very reason, for technology to accompany his vision. This is part of her.

Trailer Avatar: the path of water

Avatar: the path of water He is marked by the idea of ​​a family. Their main characters Jake Sullyplayed by Sam Worthington, and Neytiri Omaticaya, played by Zoe Saldanha, are no longer just a couple. A few years later they started a family. This narrative detail is key to the story the film offers. Now they are fighting for survival not only as a people, but also as its core.

Trailer Avatar: the path of water continues to highlight the visual and narrative weight the element will have in the story. Although in the first part Avatar the earth was the space in which everything happened, in this sequel it changes. Faced with conflict, Jake Sully and Neytiri Omaticaya must seek support beyond the known boundaries of the viewer, for which they must go to sea.

This trailer Avatar: the path of water shows part of these two axes. Jake Sully becomes closer to his family. Neytiri Omaticaya is pregnant. Then they move to another area. Pandora, meeting hostility where they arrive, where they find the Metkain’s oceanic tribe. All of this is presented in a context where beauty abounds and nature is presented to the eye as if it were just another character in the story, because, in fact, it is.

Avatar: the path of water This is the second film in a saga of five productions to be presented in the coming years. The release date for Avatar 2 is December 16th. in theaters.

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