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Netflix Essentials with Ads premieres tomorrow, and the 5 major studios with top 10 shows haven’t signed any deals yet


new Netflix Basic with Ads It will start tomorrow in the United States and big five studios They did not register to participate. This, at least initially, they cannot be seen TV series in the top 10 of the most watched Crown, cobra kai anyone Breaking Bad.

Netflix’s new Basic with Ads plan is getting less and less attractive every day.

We know that this plan can only be seen in prehistory. 720p resolutionbetween 4 and 5 minutes of ads per hour of viewingand together lack of TV series and movies They haven’t signed the deal yet. for everything Save 2.5 Euros per month compared to the ad-free plan.

Personally, I’d rather forego a few coffees at the bar or a few packs of popcorn a month rather than devour it. 15 commercials of 20 seconds per hour, with cuts between sections. But for Netflix, this plan will bring millions of subscribers…

Series that won’t be on the Basic plan with Ads

A few days ago we explained why approximately. 10% of TV shows and movies in the Netflix catalog they won’t be on the Basic plan with ads. This is because the licenses and signed agreements do not include the option to limit the resolution to 720p only or to stream content with advertisements.

Today The Wall Street Journal is leaking at least 5 great studios not on Netflix’s Basic plan with ads. there is Walt Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Lions Gate Entertainment.

Series that are currently among the most-watched series on Netflix, such as The Crown or Cobra Kai, as well as breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy, anyone How to defend a murderer.

As such, these series and others are unlikely to be included unless a last-minute deal is struck at the bell. start of the Basic plan with ads from netflix.

However, internal sources cited by The Wall Street Journal, Most can be agreed upon in a short time.

this Basic Plan with Ads of the Netflix It opens in Spain on November 10 and it looks like some will be missing great studios Y very popular serial What Crown, cobra kai anyone Breaking Bad.

Source: Computer Hoy

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