In the first official clip of Dampyr – first live action of the Bonelli Cinematic Universe – we see Harlan Draka entering a very dangerous situation…
Dampyr is the first work by Riccardo Chemello, who is co-produced by Eagle Pictures, Sergio Bonelli Editore, the famous comic book publisher with its production arm Bonelli Entertainment, and Brandon Box, who is involved in the cult comic of the same name.

Dampyr, shot entirely in English, is an impressive production with a budget of over $15 million; this first film of the Bonelli Cinematic Universe features behind the scenes the best workers of Italian cinema: Hair Designer Giorgio Gregorini, Oscar Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyle in the film Suicide Squad, Makeup Designer Francesca Galafassi (“Game of Thrones”, Ben-Hur), Vladimir ‘Furdo’ Furdik as Fight Choreographer (Skyfall, “Game of Thrones”, “The Witcher”), Lubomir Misak as Supervising Stunt Coordinator (“Game of Thrones”, The Last Legion, Kingdom of Heaven) and Giovanni Casalnuovo as costume designer (Wanted, Romeo & Juliet, Beowulf). The producers are Roberto Proia, Vincenzo Sarno, Andrea Sgaravatti.

The film, based on the comic series created by Mauro Boselli and Maurizio Colombo, is written by Mauro Boselli, Giovanni Masi, Alberto Ostini, Mauro Uzzeo. An all-international cast featuring Dampyr Wade Briggs (Still Star Crossed, Please Like Me, “Foundation”, “His Dark Materials”), Stuart Martin Emil Kurjak (“Jamestown”, “Medici”, “Crossing Lines”) and Frida Gustavsson is Tesla (“Dröm”, “Eld Lagor”, “Arne Dahl”, “Vikings: Valhalla”). In addition to them David Morrissey as Gorka (“Britannia”, “The Missing”, “Good Omens”, “The Walking Dead”), Sebastian Croft as Yuri (“Game of Thrones”, “Horrible Histories: The Movie”, ” Doom Patrol “, “Heartstopper”) and Luke Roberts as Draka (“Game of Thrones”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, 300: Rise of an Empire, The Batman).

The film tells the story of the origin of the character, published by Sergio Bonelli Editore in 2000 on the first two books of the 300 whose comic series that is on the newsstand every month has been compiled so far, opening the door to the first Italian franchise completely. English. Set during the Balkan War in the early 1990s, Dampyr follows the story of Harlan. Haunted by horrific nightmares, Harlan makes ends meet by pretending to be a Dampyr (in Slavic mythology, half-human, half-vampire) capable of ridding villages of what superstitious inhabitants naively regard as terrible curses associated with keep up with the vampire world. But when summoned by soldiers attacked by bloodthirsty creatures, Harlan discovers the truth: he really is a Dampyr. While battling a terrible ‘Master of the Night’, Harlan must learn to control his powers and discover his origin. He is accompanied by a renegade vampire and a soldier bent on revenge.

Sergio Bonelli Editore (SBE) is one of the leading comic book publishers in the world and Dampyr is one of the publishing house’s most long-lived and successful characters, whose editorial leadership is entrusted to Michele Masiero. The Bonelli Cinematic Universe is part of the Bonelli Entertainment project, the production arm dedicated to the development of film and television projects based on the characters loved by generations of readers, such as the animated series “Dragonero”, an international co-production with with Rai Kids, Power Kids and NexusTV, and the 10-episode live-action co-production between SBE and Atomic Monster by James Wan dedicated to Dylan Dog.

Source: Lega Nerd

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