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On May 22nd, the most anticipated movie of the year hits HBO Max after the premieres of Dune and Batman.


When, almost 20 years after the end of the saga, it was announced that there would be a sequel to The Matrix, many fans went crazy. It was nothing less than that, as we are talking about a story that began in 1999 and that has blown our minds for many of us.

If we look at the numbers, I really liked the original trilogy. (except for the last one, which raised the least), reaching over $1,500 million in collections. No doubt the numbers of a hallowed saga.

Unfortunately, The Matrix saga is a perfect example of the fact that, like the first film, neither. That’s why the Wachowski sisters decided to leave nearly two decades between the original trilogy and the sequel to see if we forgot that we didn’t like Revolutions much.


Matrix Resurrections official trailer

Its premiere in 2021 left a negative balance: $160 million at the box office, but on a budget of $190 million. Luckily, not everything is box office these days.

Because the US made the film available on HBO Max as soon as it was shown in theaters, US box office performance was particularly low, with only the international market supporting its theatrical run.

Now TMatrix Resurrections will arrive on HBO Max Spain and we have a date: May 22nd we will see it on our TV. The date is 5 months later than the US, which didn’t sit well with the European public, which feels like a second-class citizen.

With the launch of The Matrix Resurrections, HBO Max subscribers in Spain will already have access to the service. three great Warner releases in the last year: Dune, The Batman and The Matrix Resurrections.

They say it’s better late than never, but sometimes that’s not the best way to treat subscribers, especially now that there’s so much competition in the market.

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