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Amazon Prime’s cheap video plan has just been released and thankfully you won’t be able to hire one.


We’ve been seeing drastic changes to the streaming platforms around us in recent weeks, and it basically seems like they’ve all agreed to launch various plans for more aggressive monetization. These plans usually include ads or content restrictions, Amazon hasn’t been left out. and this offer Prime Video.

No, no platform is saved. Disney+ has announced price hikes along with its integrated ads plan, Netflix already has its base plan which of course also includes ads in addition to losing certain content, and finally HBO Max will raise the subscription price when it completes the merger with Discovery+ in 2023.

Now it’s Amazon Prime Video’s turn, which just launched its cheap plan and, unfortunately, has a huge number of limitations, just like the Netflix ad plan. The great thing, and not in a positive way, is that this plan will only be compatible with mobile phones..

Yes, Amazon has stayed true to statements made a couple of years ago that it has been working on. basic plan optimized for mobile phones. Among the main advantages, if they are to be called somehow, is the affordable resolution, which seems to be taken from the year 2000.

Amazon Prime Video joins cheap plans following Netflix and Disney+

Streaming content that can be seen with the cheap plan Amazon Prime Video will be limited to very low resolution, we are talking about 480p resolution. Yes, it doesn’t even hit 720p, which is what you might expect, and it’s pretty far from the 4K resolution offered by the Prime Video subscription that’s integrated with Amazon Prime.

Moreover, as we expected, this subscription is limited to mobile phones and therefore cannot be used on other devices. This new subscription can only be bought in Indiaalthough given the current evolution of subscription plans, it could eventually reach Europe or the US.

By comparison, the new Prime Video exclusive plan for mobile phones will cost €7.32 at the exchange rate. That might seem like a bit of a big deal given the growth of Amazon Prime that happened this year in Spain, bringing the total subscription to €49.90. We will have to wait to see if this strategy works for Amazon and they will eventually roll it out in other countries.

Source: Computer Hoy

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