fifth season of the series Crown on Netflix has the distinction of showing several recent scandals within the royal family from a fresh perspective. But also for studying the painful conclusion of one of the great conflicts that marked the rich emotional life of one of his most beloved participants.

More than forty years later, Marguerite and Peter Townsend’s harrowing love story has come to a tragic end in one of the season’s most touching episodes. Crown. At the same time, one that maintains the complex discourse about power, personal responsibility and the private life of the royal family that has been the focus of the season. it correct and elegant output to the conflict, which was capital during the first chapters of the already cult series.

As you remember, in the first part, Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) had to endure one of the most difficult moments of her reign. It was not, oddly enough, a constitutional or legal crisis. Actually, one of the main tasks of the newly arrived monarch was to deal with the family scandal as best as possible. The Love of Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) by Peter Townsend (Ben Miles). The groom of George VI became a problem not only for the British royal house, but also for the internal stability of the Windsor family.

AT Crown, the conflict was raised as a tough discussion about the personal freedom of members of the royal family. And also about how history can interpret the personal decisions of each of the great names of the British royal family. But, concretely, it was shown as a confrontation between Isabella II and Margarita. Both had to come to terms with the fact that the Crown was a much bigger symbol than their personal lives. But, in particular, for the younger sister of the sovereign, it was a way to understand the severity of her proximity to power.

Finally, the princess’s romance ended in a forced separation, which from that moment marked the life of Margarita. In the fifth season of the series Crown It shows the end of a long history of misunderstandings that ended in a small personal tragedy for the Windsors.

The history that brought the monarchy to the brink of an abyss in Crown

First season Crown explored a dark fact in the life of Princess Margaret. Known for her carefree nature, the queen’s younger sister lived in her shadow during the early years of her reign. It was also his main support in the most difficult moments of the transition of power led by the monarch and his first steps at the head of the Royal House. But while all of the above was happening, Margarita had to face her own dilemma of emotional, legal, and even historical loyalty.

Having fallen in love with the groom George VI and even hatching plans for an early marriage, Margarita found herself in the center of a historical dilemma. Something that Crown manifested itself in all its breadth and became, in fact, the great conflict of the season. Torn between royal duty and fidelity to her emotions, the Queen’s sister became the subject of an emotional conflict. In particular, in connection with the historical proximity of the abdication of Edward VIII because of his marriage to Wallis Simpson. The constitutional crisis that prompted his decision to step down changed the history of England forever.

As much as pushing George VI to the crown and making Elizabeth heir in direct succession. The situation has brought the Crown to a point of particular fragility. So when Marguerite announced her intention to marry Peter Townsend, the very possibility turned into an internal crisis. Isabella II had to face the risk of ostracizing her sister and at the same time turning her figure into a conspicuous constitutional break.

The battle between wills, decisions and, in the end, historical responsibility ended with the separation of Margarita and Peter. For Elizabeth II, this was a significant blow that made her more aware of royal responsibility. For Margarita, a gap in life from which she will never fully recover.

Death, last goodbye

fifth season of the series Crown shows the adult Marguerite, played by Leslie Manville, and her final encounter with Peter (Timothy Dalton). After years of not hearing from each other, the meeting is heavy, disturbing and nostalgic. much more when Anya, daughter of Elizabeth II, seemed destined to repeat the story of her aunt.

However, the princess did not have to bear the royal pressure on her emotional life. Not only that, he was married twice. Also, in the second, Mark Phillips, a professional jockey, seemed to be a reflection of Peter Townsend. But unlike what happened to Margarita, Ana was able to live her love story with a professional horse rider without major setbacks.

Crown Princess Margaret

This is exactly the moment that marks one of the heaviest moments of the fifth season. Crown. After meeting Peter Townsend and an emotional scene of disappointed love, the princess confronts her sister. He reminds her that the story of Ana, recently divorced and in love again, “is something she had to go through.” The youngest daughter of the monarch lives a stormy romance with Phillips and will be able to live their love “without failure and without attacks.”

Elizabeth II played by Imelda Staunton remains silent Crown, not responding to the sister’s angry reproaches. Finally, the chapter ends with a photo of the real Peter Townsend, under which you can read that he died on June 19, 1995. Three years after his last meeting with Margarita and, it seems, always on the verge of a tragic story. that forever marked his life.

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