Maybe the end Ozarks, with a quarter divided in two, don’t leave the void you feel when you finish a good book, for example; but it leaves the feeling that the story has reached its peak, that the extended plots have closed in a timely manner, without betraying the tension that characterized the previous three seasons. Output.

When Netflix presented the first part of this fourth season, Ozarks can already be considered as a natural replacement breaking Bad. Bill Dubuc and Mark Williams, its creators, came up with a narrative that drinks from the aforementioned series, almost like a tribute, yet knows how to find its own record. The second part of this final season confirms this and allows itself a painful and poetic ending, like the main part of its story.

For four seasons Ozarks almost nothing was saved from violence and ethical controversy. Its protagonists, halfway between diplomacy and pragmatism, in most cases saw only how someone else’s blood splattered their feet; in others, his. This pulse between their actions and those of others, this tightrope walker, reaches a stage where, with luck, they can only defend themselves. But at what cost?

Ozark and power

One of the problems with this second part was the role that Wendyinterpreted Laura Linney, after mutating into a more intuitive version. This shy, insecure woman turned into a character who behaved like a wounded animal most of the time; you could see him anticipating scenarios or reacting to them. His fragility remained as a memory.

His development in the second part of the last season of Ozark is consistent with this development, allowing the viewer to suspect that he may be breaking down. Until it turns out it’s just another manipulation strategy. His story serves to follow one of the paths suggested by the Netflix series: in this story, only efficiency while maintaining power is important.

Although it is presented as the pulse of life or death, most protagonists are hindered by their desire for power, their need to control, to protect what they consider theirs, the whole empire of lies and blood they built. They did so much to keep themselves on their feet that they eventually dissolved into what they had formed, carried away by the snowball, as one would expect.

That the outcome could be predicted was a risk to Ozarks; one that he envisioned and from which he came out naturally: during the last season, tension persists, the feeling that at some point a sigh can drift the house of cards and leave the participants empty-handed. But no. In the end, they cling to what they did, recognizing that they can never let go of their past.

Marty and Ruth as reflections of themselves

marty bird (Jason Bateman) and Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) – two sides of the same coin. They tried to protect their own from adversity, and later from their own decisions. For both characters, the family is the axis of their stories. Yes, they want to survive, but they also want most of their loved ones to take this path. Byrd reaches the peak of his storytelling to practice, if only for a few moments, as the most powerful man in the cartel; something that, being a key part of the organization, was already there.

Marty Bryde lidarando el cartel de narcotráfico en Ozark

In Ruth’s case, this idea is truncated from previous seasons until she appears alone in the second part of the final season. Ozarks. Although he tried, often there was a conditioning or external factor that he could not control. The scenes in which she hallucinates the image of her cousin Wyatt Langmore and imagines being accompanied by relatives are a nod to her original interest.winking at the viewer, who is reminded that this is not the plan she imagined.

On this trip, Marty Bride has what she doesn’t have: family. The character is aware that within the spiral he is in, Ruth is one of the side victims of their interests.. Although her specific denouement allows her to save her quest by leaving a few scenes in which she loses control, her failure resonates, as does another member of her family.

The series, perhaps, could be doubted that the main family does not suffer great losses. Although the last scene, after a series of deaths, corruption and power, completes the thought that runs through the entire final season: there is no way to come out unscathed (even as a spectator).

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