For young Grog, meditation is of great importance. Also learn to use their enormous powers. For this reason, the interruption of the soot spirits is a serious disorder. Thus begins the three-minute story told in Zen-Grog and Soota historic collaboration between Studio Ghibli and LucasFilm.

short film Zen-Grog and Soot is the latest addition to the Star Wars universe. But more than that, it is a step forward in an unusual project of two industry giants. A small but important demonstration of what a balance point in discourse and visual cut between both visions of fantasy can achieve.

Disney + unexpectedly premiered what is probably one of the most compelling projects of the year. Zen-Grog and Soot is an atypical production in which the universes of Studio Ghibli and Star Wars are combined into a narrative with extraordinary delicacy. And, as if that weren’t enough, he also develops an alternative version of the main sentences of both studies within a common narrative line.

A tiny story that marks the history of Disney and Lucas Film.

Studio Ghibli has chosen to use their classic yokai for a story written by director Hayao Miyazaki. The well-known soot spirits are part of the studio’s mythology and have featured in several of its most memorable films. FROM Spirited Away up to cult My Neighbor Totoro. Adorable and playful creatures are an essential ingredient when it comes to expressing magic, innocence and beauty in the Japanese studio’s animated world.

On the other hand, Grog has become one of LucasFilm’s cutest characters by becoming a mainstream phenomenon. But like the yokai, its importance lies in its symbolic ability to represent the ideals of the world’s most beloved space opera. That Studio Ghibli and LucasFilm decided that the most distinctive emblems of their speech and story are part of the amazing crossover it matters a lot. Especially when most of the short film subtly demonstrates that research language is integrated to create an emotional look at the extraordinary.

Blending two of his great characters into Zen-Grog and Soot, a Japanese animation house and the production company of George Lucas have created a unique phenomenon. Story-type integration that can summarize the spirit and identity of such dissimilar proposals demonstrates future opportunities for collaboration. especially because Zen-Grog and Soot explores how the perception of the fantastic and the unusual can be mixed in the same story.

Zen-Grog and Soot It’s a gentle journey between two worlds

Zen-Grog and Soot

With an amazing sense of beauty, Zen-Grog and Soot this is a unique example of minimalist aesthetics in 2D. This is a hand-drawn animation that is known for its attention to detail and especially the way Studio Ghibli has emphasized its distinct style. When Grogu tries to use the power around him, the soot creates a subtle harmony.

The combination of both things is not only exciting, but also touching. The very short script uses the same means of expression as silent films to create wonder, power, and ultimately harmony. Grog comes to understand that power can also be a subtle perception of the intangible, full of its own life. In turn, youkai show what is hidden beyond what we consider ordinary.

Above all, Zen-Grog and Soot This is the perfect tour in the same space of color and design that dazzles with its attention to detail. In particular, because of the way of integrating outwardly dissimilar ideas about the fantastic. To music by Ludwig Göransson (composer The Mandalorian), a short advance into what appears to be a dance of great delicacy to speak of the essence of magic.

Nissin Sheifun artist, animator and director Zen-Grog and Soot, succeeded in creating a refined environment that, despite its brevity, managed to contain a deep message of the magnificent. A thread that links the most unusual proposals of both studios in a common setting that undoubtedly promises new productions. Perhaps the most exciting moment in this little work of art.

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