More than a quarter of Americans don’t want to hear about it electric cars This is shown by a market survey conducted by Consumer Reports

The United States has always been a complicated market for electric car manufacturers. Manufacturers like Ford and Volkswagen have struggled more than anywhere else to win the hearts of consumers. For example, before the launch of its Mach-E Mustang, Ford should have invested heavily in marketing and brought its SUV into circles and clubs in hopes of overcoming enthusiasts’ many prejudices.

A lot has changed over the years and now many Americans’ opinion of electric has completely changed. But despite the efforts, there is still a large proportion of consumers who are still skeptical about zero-emission car

The survey included a sample of more than 8,000 adult Americans. 14% of respondents said they “definitely” want to buy or lease an electric car in the near future. The majority, 57%, said they were interested in considering buying an electric car, while 28% of those surveyed said they were not interested in alternatives to combustion engine cars.

The research revealed a link between several factors and the propensity to buy an electric car. The age of the interviewee, his income and his education level are especially important.

Anyone not interested in buying an electric car calls the distance range as the main deterrent: the fear of running out of water and of not finding nearby charging stations. A factor that is not minor, taking into account the specificity of the different rural areas of the United States of America, where there is a risk of driving hundreds of miles without encountering infrastructure or densely populated areas. 52% of respondents then indicated the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining electric vehicles.

Source: Lega Nerd

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